Voracidous x Hyperius farm loop

That maya probably have 11/5 in immolate and vora will die with it especially at level 50. You cannot do that method though with krieg.

I did not raid at level 50 and do not know what work for krieg, maybe a flame of the firehawk will do.

yeah with Pain is Power up to rank 10 its 50% +100%on-fire-bonus gun damage, figured that would be enough, just got myself a Badaboom, maybe that will help in explosives build, its just getting the initial health down after chief dies that i struggle with. cant stay alive long enough and straight into ffyl. tried a few burn builds to stay alive a bit and keep stacks up but to no avail.

Edit: i just had a thought, might be fun to try the Fabled Tortoise to help me run fast enough around to kite :joy:

That would be my first suggestion. FotFH and a Grog! Once the Minions are low on health, there’s the option to Bloodsplode. I thought this build might be worth a try. Should work on both Vora and hyperius.
I didn’t spec PiP since it reduces crit damage, but that’s just me.

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its just not possible, tried all kinds of builds with all kinds of ways to keep health up.

Last attempt was a PiP build + Blood Bath, felt cheatsie to use Flakker+Trespasser to kill chief while getting mauled alive, tried every kind of unique and standard transfusion grenade and switching to Rubi for extra healing with FotFH going off, but once its enraged its only a few seconds before im ffyl and lost all damage bonuses. One run fotfh was still working in ffly and even got a kill from it and then all the badadoom rockeets i get launch at Vorac took it down to 60%.

Im fairly certain i cant stay alive long enough to get 2 spawns of midgets for a bloosplosion, i dont think its actually possible at 50. the numbers just dont seem to work out. even low level singularity grenades kill the midgets because of the scaling, would still very much like to try a Norfleet to help keep the PiP up even in ffly if thats even possible. seems like it could.

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hoo boy. should probably close this thread soon, lost 20mil and down to the last few from dying and buying ammo. not many chances left before im broke :neutral_face:

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Well… There are alternatives to Norfleet, you know! Norfleet is without a doubt the single most powerful gun in the game. It’s also one of the hardest guns to score a hit with if you’re further away than an arms length. It’s very useful in a few specific scenarios, but there are other launchers that perform better in every-day situations.

A PBFG or a Topnea are some of the best launchers out there. PBFG is best for single shots, while the Topnea can dish out some serious punishment due to it’s ridiculous fire rate and the low ammo consumption. These are both farmable on the loot train in Mercenary Day HH-pack.

You already have a Badaboom, which is also one of the strongest launchers. A regular purple Torgue launcher is also a nice option. All of these launchers will serve you well. Even against the toughest opponents. Just don’t rely on them as your main guns, or you will run out of ammo. Use other types of guns as your main, and keep a nice RL handy for FFYL.

As your main gun against Vora, I would recommend either an Unkempt Harold or a Hellfire. The reason for this is the skill Blood Bath.

For Hyperius, I’d rather go for a Good Touch. The reason for this is that you have fewer (and tougher) enemies to kill in order to proc BB. And the Good Touch will also heal you.

I still say that the FotFH is your best option. Reason for this is that, apart from healing with a moxxi gun, it also procs Blood Bath if you kill one of the midgets with it. Use a Blister COM to boost BB to 11/5 and you’ll start seeing some real damage when your stacks are up. Did I mentions that the FotFH also helps keeping those stacks up? :wink:


Have you tried the standard Vora Bloodsplosion strat yet? Wait for the minions to spawn in then run towards the chief and melee kill him. It does work with only the first set of minions but it’s way easier if you wait for the second set. If you keep jumping around the arena it breaks Vora’s AI which makes it hard for him to track you. But make sure to use Teslas/Storm Fronts and hold a Grog as a backup to heal and also stack Bloodlust. You’ll need at least +5 into Fuel the Blood for this to work, which means you want a Sickle/Blister COM. Before you melee kill the chief, switch to a slag Betty and chuck some of those at Vora. This might take a few tries but once you get it down it’s a fairly reliable strategy.


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yeah the thing is its just too many things to do and keep track of at the same time, its too difficult to keep stacks-heal-kill-grenade-evade whilst keeping a good distance away so i dont splash myself :frowning: since its TVHM the chief gets ganked and basically insta-killed compared to UVHM op8 footage, so i try to kill to prevent the shield transfer but then it doesnt matter how many stacks of anything i have or how many transfusion grenades i launch or which heal/shield combo i use, Vorac is a total d*ck bag, cant get away from him when he attacks, cant catch him when he runs to keep health and even BB+PiP full only took about 40% off with a explosive Badaboom.

I think maybe a 61 build is the only one feasable without some massive stroke of good luck and buggy ai.

probably time to move on already to Dragon Keep… but i know theres dragons there and the guns im trying to farm would be very useful :L


It’s always interesting to see how certain things just can’t work unless it’s OP-whatever.

Bloodsplosion is actually quite simple at 72, but I can see how it’s harder to set up at 50 because the adds go down with a sneeze. I wish I had my computer with me to try it but I’m away from home ; I’d probably just throw a few teslas (or Storm Front or Pandemic) to start the fight and use a Hellfire or whatever to maintain the stacks.

Using a Crossfire - even a level 30 one - is probably going to kill the minions so I wouldn’t bother with slag at all. You could use a Rapier (or Law) and roid shield instead. But yeah, RNG for spacing is what makes it or breaks it.

The alternative is going full Hellborn with a Hail. Could work.


With a Toast.

Or move some points from Flame Flare to Fuel and Blood Filled Guns if using a Torch.


still have a few tries left before im flat broke so will try a simpler build like you suggested, the problem is the healing, since raid bosses are practically immune to DoT and leech grenades dont work, transfusion do but its sporadic and unreliable. The only problem is that chief dies too quick when his shields are down and theres just no way to reliably heal especially when enraged.

each time i think of some new twist or technique i just remember how even with all the damage buffs and 20 rockets its barely enough damage to call a real effort. If you do find a way to get it down past 50% i would love to hear how, if you cant then ill definately just move on.

Thank for all the replies

Edit: forgot to say also that the only Seraph drop in TVHM is the Devastator, cant earn crystals or use vendors. if there was a way to reverse that darn update i would use it :frowning: i wonder if theres a way to link all the loot i have without manually typing it out


Hmm yeah you guys got a point. My first thought for a gun Krieg kill would be Hellborn with a FotF, Hail, Heartbreaker (maybe Kitten), Grog/Rubi and a Badaboom. Then again it’s TVHM so I’m not sure. I might try to find a reliable way later on.


Can’t seem to find a way to revert pactches back to Seraphs working as intended in TVHM and being able to use the DLCs without gamebreaking. was there ever a good reason for removing seraph entirely in TVHM ? does anyone know a way to be able to cherrypick content from updates :blush:

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Are you on PC? :wink: :wink:

Legitimately, not unless you uninstall all of your DLC content. But you probably don’t want to do that as you could wipe out some of your UVHM inventory.

As far as seraph guns are concerned : when they introduced UVHM, they treated 61 (and then 72) as end-game rather than TVHM / level 50. Then they moved all the level 50 seraphs to the vendors. Seraphs are intended to be end-game fodder. That’s pretty much it.


An Ahab would be nice right about now :stuck_out_tongue:


ahab might be okay at level 50 but don’t get your hopes up that it is good in uvhm.

anyways, this guy bloodsplode vora at 32 so it is doable in 50.


ehhhhh, why dont the midgets gank the chief? it seemed like an immutable conclusion every attempt i made :L and i see what they mean about Voracs AI not working… seems like such an obvious exploit now.

Thanks for sharing, will have another few tries. even if i compled it now it would seem so anticlimactic and unfullfilling :frowning: I hope theres no repeat of this if BL3 comes out.

they did, on the first midget spawn they went straight to the chief, the chief survives it. the 2nd wave they do not attack the chief since he have the shield on.

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as i read this i heard my flatmate say “oh my F god” in the other room. and i concur, things like this just changes my entire perception of the seemingly immutable fighting mechanic laws are… Vorac is just awful, its not even a fight is it, just a cheesing simulator :man_facepalming: will let you know how it goes soon.


Good luck, vora is one of the hardest raid boss alongside the dragons.