Voraciduous is Dead!

After multiple attempts trying to take the b****** out, I finally managed it.

Multiple money shot chains coupled with a DPUH blew his head off. What makes it better is that I was in FFYL and thought “No, I’ve come this far, a couple of money shots and you’ll be dead!” and proceeded to annihilate him. What does he drop? A non-elemental Interfacer. Oh yeeeaaahhhh!

Also, I can now blow the Dragons out of the sky with little to no trouble. Done it 3 times, and many more to come!

As the OP of the “Pete is Dead!” thread said, long live Sal!

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I’ve only taken out him and Master Gee once only, and only at level 72- congratulations! :thumbsup:

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Thanks man! Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be going back to Vorac.

I still need to do Gee actually, and Hyperious. Better get on with Captain Scarlett’s DLC!

Congrats on the kill TRG.

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Cheers dude!