Voracious canopy typhon log #3 help

Ok i cant believe i havent seen any other people with problem on this.
I cant seem to get back to where the vending machines are or the typhon log in the wreck of the jewel. ( i killed geniviv) a while ago. Seems doors are locked. How do you get back there to montys cabin?

After you kill GenIVIV, a door opens on the left (stading back to the place where GenIVIV is moving). There’s a Jakobs chest inside, and a one way fast travel. Unfortunately no other doors open, you can only fast travel back to the map transition part (which would take you back to Floodmoor Basin), meaning, you need to fight your way back again to the Family Jewel.

I just cant seem to get back to the spot where the typhon log is. My game may be glitched. Im not sure. If you could explain how to get back to that point that would be great.if not ill live.