Vote BL2 or BL3 Fastball

  • Fastball should return to its former glory.(Must connect, single hit nuke)
  • New Fastball is fine.(with its pitiable damage but can splash)

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Where’s the “Should have claws and be the best at what it does” option?


where is 3rd option delete fastball ?

IMO this kind of “nuke” equipment shouldn’t even exist in BL.

i personally don’t find “fun” melting bosses or enemies in 2 seconds.
that whould make me put back the game on the shelf real fast.

Did you play BL2? It could one-shot regular mobs, badasses and such maybe 3-5 ans bosses it didn’t do much.

It just used to be a lot better at nuked Mook mobs.

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Yup, played all BL games from day one.
TFTB too.

i just prefere to fight enemies than being a machine of pure death that can kill with staring too mutch at mobs…

again, this is just my opinion but i find this really boring

Borderlands 2’s Fastball is better in my opinion. I have tried the Borderlands 3 variant and it’s underwhelming.

it would be cool and all but then some characters could use it infinite times looking at you fl4k ad moze therefore it can not be an option… we more or less have to settle for low dmg utility nades or certain annointment sand skills should be removed. only balancing factor for nades always was the low carry capacity. now even zane with BBB and DD can spam any nade to his heart’s content

…eh…I prefer neither really, I like utility grenades over damage grenades

First of all, A lot of people like that.

Second, you dont need to use it. it’s not a “You either use it or lose the game”.

Loved the BL2 fastball. Single target, high damage, very hard to perfect the aim while getting lit up on OP10.
Different strokes for different folks I guess.
It didnt win the game for you single handedly, only took out one enemy at a time, if you matched elements and had them slagged and you had some class skills to boost grenade damage.
It was a very good grenade for damage and utility. A shock one could strip shields, hold a rubi or grog and throw one to get healed back up or to stagger a rushing enemy.
Loved that fastball

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Yeah, but just because it’s your opinion, doesn’t mean people don’t listen to it.