[VOTE] I'm gonna let you decide what I should do

OK so I managed to earn 47500 for the two new characters: Alani or Pendles

I don’t know which one to start with so I want to see which one you like better [poll public=true]

  • Alani
  • Pendles

I feel like maybe waiting 5 more days for Ernest would be best ;p



11 days or so. In 4 days he’ll be available for season pass/DDE holders only, and they don’t need credits to unlock new heroes.

Alani’s prettier.

Previously I would have said Pendles but as more players have gotten use to countering him I would definitely go for Alani. Alani is well rounded with her healing and good dps.

I’d go with Alani since there are some bugs that render Pendles basically visible for the entire duration of the match. Though they should be fixed with the next patch?

Also I just think Alani is nicer to play, I mean she is a god damn waterbender!


What characters do you enjoy playing? Do you prefer supports or assassins? Answering these would ultimately answer this question. I personally don’t enjoy Alani after she was smacked with so many adjustments to her helix, and would say Pendles. Even when you have a bad game with him, you can still run up behind someone and tentacle slap them and instantly smoke bomb and run circles around them…for the lulz.

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But Pendles is sneakier.


Teenage gril

or sneaky snek

I vote fat pigeon bird, wait 5 days, or ten you must not have the season pass.

It’s also important to ask which modes does the OP enjoy playing. Pendles is very weird and not particularly effective in PvE (e.g. the only thing he’s actually useful for is stealth revives; if you like actually taking part in the fight, you’d be better served with pretty much anyone else) because he’s designed so heavily with PvP in mind (also, his primary function in PvP isn’t so much “assassin” as it is “infiltrator/saboteur”). Alani is absolutely amazing in PvE (as well as PvP) but you can’t play her like you would any other support character: she needs to be played aggressively (e.g. you do not just hang back and keep your allies alive while they fight; you need to be attacking constantly).

If you’re pretty much all about PvP, go with Pendles. If you like both PvE and PvP (or just PvE), go with Alani (and, if you do, I recommend checking out my guide #shamelessselfpromotion).

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Meh, Webbed hands are a deal breaker for me

I consider him more assasin to be honest

He’d have a hard time playing him for the first few days though, Pendles may be the way to go, especially since Pendles may counter Ernest

Honestly i doubt it, Ernest, depending on his damage, i feel could easily deal with pendles.
Ernest does have some kind of jump ability with the robot wings on his back, plus ernests ability to knock enemies and himself away from an explosion.

I feel like ernest will be Pendles’ counter if anything

Ernest can’t fly or have a jumpoint ability

You can sort of ‘rocket jump’ using his explosive charges. When he launches himself he has glider like robotic wings on his back fold out and allow him to glide short distances. They’re normally wrapped around the ‘egg’ on his back.

Hes got no reveal though, and his weapon at close range needs to land directly otherwise it’ll bounce away. Pendles can sneak in and probably destroy the Egg initially which leaves Ernest vulnerable. His only escape would be his proximity mine if he takes the push back, and i wonder if it can be destroyed or how long the delay is before the blast

Ernest has a reveal on his Explosive Charge if you use the Proximity Alarm augment. It turns his explosive charge into a reveal and a proximity mine.

ah right the 0.5 second one, but he has to have the bomb down already, you think he’d put the bomb ontop of his egg? Depending on the bombs HP an Injection dash could pop it and then Ernest is really out of luck!