Vote to surrender needs some requirements

Was just in a game a few minutes ago where 3 other players on my team decided to vote for surrender even though we were behind most of the match and just started to pull the scores back to within 15 points and plenty of room to possibly win. I think there should be a score limit attached to the vote for surrender so that games like the one I just was in don’t happen to anyone else.

I don’t think that would work. People would just leave instead of trying to surrender, but what can you do? My team surrendered a game were it was 100(us) to 64 (them).

I’ve noticed that a lot of the time the people who vote to surrender are the people who are doing bad on the team. They’ll have 0 kills and 10 deaths and will vote to surrender even if you are winning. I’m guessing since they are constantly dying it either looks like they are losing badly or it becomes really un-fun to them so they want to leave.

Yea, pretty much. People get discouraged when they do poorly and just went to get in to a new game.