Votepatch? May be a possible solution to avoid situations like the one we have now?

I played Runescape back in the day and they now have something where you can Vote on every single major adjustment made in a patch, if the majority of the Playerbase is for the implementation, it’s going through, otherwise discarded.

With the current situation I’d really like to see such a system, I always thought that was brilliant.

Release the Patchnotes first, have people Vote and implement accordingly.
Now not all are here within the Forums… so a notification and the opportunity to vote InGame would be actually pretty good and awesome.

Maybe even have a dedicated Room on Sancutary like a Patch Vote Booth…


Yeah… this is nonsense.

Good way to keep gamebreaking ■■■■ in.


also the fact that most people will only say yes to buffs, because why would you ever hurt your playstyle, because its too strong?

I would be all for a votebooth that allowed us to prioritize QoL or how new content gets released. However, I’d rather have balancing changes done through big data analysis.

might have worked back in the day but we’re now living in a world were games get review bombed to hell the moment someone disagrees. i don’t think such a system would work at all and i don’t really see any issues with the balance changes we’ve had so far. some people are just being vocal about the nerfs and i can assure you it’s the minority. most people just don’t give a ■■■■ and the others are like me and understand that it’s needed wether or not it’s a singleplayer game.

No, by all the gods and none!

I recall a very old article where gearbox discussed how they respond to player feedback…hang on…


/Gazes at internet

Found it:

Tl,dr: players don’t often know the best way to improve their experience.

I think a lot of what we’re seeing on this forum is related to some of the content of that article.



Great link, thank you!

I found it quite fascinating.


Great article, thanks for sharing! thinking further about it Runescape had a lot more trivial and rather primitive things to vote on though, I still always liked the idea! :smiley:

I now see why such thing would not work, especially within this kinda genre and loads of feedback, which is usually really biased/more opinion based and “self feeding”.

Don’t get me wrong, I trust Gearbox! though it’s not always so easy to actually believe the right things going through and arriving on the other side.

Oh, the idea is lovely! The reality would be…something else.

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