Voting system for story mode

I saw somebody post earlier saying how you should be able to pick a certain mission and then go into a queue, so that could help a lot. But besides that, there’s a no preference option, and if 3 people pick no preference and one person picks an actual map, shouldn’t it pick the map that was voted by the one person. I mean if they select no preference then they’re saying they don’t care where they play, so the map should go to the person that has a specific place they wanna play. Make sense?

Did that not happen for you? I know if there is a tie it will randomly pick a story. But if it is 3 no pref and 1 for Map A, then it should be choosing Map A. If it didn’t then I’d report it as a bug.

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I’ve been in 2 different scenarios where the no preference had like 3/4 votes and one map had 1 vote and both times it picked a completely different map :confused: maybe it is a bug

Sounds like a bug to me. Were there only 4 party members? Only other thing I can think of is if it wasn’t showing the 5th party members vote and he voted for the chosen map. That would still be a bug though.

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Yeah the one game only had 4 people and it was 3 for no preference and the other game just had 4 straight for no preference. Oh well

I think they should have done something like (iirc) Titanfall did with their “campaign” mode. Again, it’s been a long time since I played it, but as I remember, it had you play through the story in order, and matched you with other people playing that mission. The “campaign” in that game sucked, but I think that would have been a better way to do things in this game. You play through each mission, being grouped up with others playing that mission, and once you complete one you unlock the next. Then once you complete the story it could have the same kind of lobbies it has now, where you just vote on the next map… but also give you the choice to re-play specific missions with others who want to play that mission (even if the queues are a bit longer). At least then you would go through the missions in order, and by the time you get to The Saboteur you’ll actually be leveled up a bit and have some gear unlocked (instead of it potentially being the first mission you play and getting decimated). I’ve seen comments of “Well of course the Saboteur is difficult, it’s the second to last mission!” but that’s irrelevant when it could be your first or second mission.

I would have preferred a system lIke what was suggested, where you can go into group matchmaking for a specific mission. I’m basically going through all the missions either solo or with friends when they’re on because I don’t want to skip ahead yet.
Afterwards though, I’ll likely be doing ‘no preference’.

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I’m at the stage now where I have 2 missions not on gold (The renegade and The Archive I think) and I only want to do those until I have gold on them. I don’t do solo and have PUG’d every game, I need to be able to choose which mission before matchmaking so I don’t keep leaving matches.