Vow of Vengeance Legendary Item

So, I managed to get the legendary loot from Jailer Hylis (the final boss of The Renegade). It gives a bonus to attack power, a bonus to attack speed, and a stacking bonus that increases attack power with every melee hit, up to a max of 10 stacks, and at 10 stacks the innate bonus attack power of the item is effectively doubled, with no sort of time limit indicated on it. To me, this sounds a little too good to be true. Any character with more melee attacks than just quick melee could get a very large bonus out of this (with mine, a potential attack damage bonus of ~16.6 percent with max stacks, in addition to a ~5% attack speed bonus).

To anyone else out there who’s gotten this item (if anyone has), is there any limiter on the stacks besides the maximum of 10? Do they vanish over time, or vanish when the player stops using their melee attacks? I’ve been using it on all of my melee characters (and Caldarius), and it does seem to be making a big difference, but I could just be imagining it. I mean, earlier today I beat out an Oscar Mike in damage output with Kelvin. He might have just been a bad Oscar Mike, but still.

Screen shot? I have items that stack x amount of health that specify the stacks return to 0 on death so maybe it is just that good an item! It sounds amazing anyway

Chances are super high it resets after a few seconds or upon using a skill or firing at range ; I can’t tell though I don’t have it, but since I play melee, I guess I know where to farm :smiley:

It’s been shown that Phoebe’s legendary which gives her a damage increase upon using her secondary attack immediately disappear upon using her primary, any skill, or not hitting things with her secondary for more than 1 sec… so I kinda hope there is the same kind of limitation on that non–specific legendary !

I got a similar legendary but from (can’t remember the name, it’s the one where’s you’re escorting the spider tank on the burning eldrid planet) and it’s pretty similar but for guns. I think it is minus recoil and bonus reload speed with bonus recoil stacking up to 10 times on every shot.

Looks like I need to farm The Renegade and Archive missions.

Did you do this on advanced or normal and was it solo or with a group?

I was on normal with a group of three, I don’t think we even got a gold medal either

Thank you, I’ll try it now… Seems that item is just what I need for my mellka :slight_smile:

I also just got a vow of vengeance from the jailer on normal silver medal.
+7.23% attack damage
+4.13% attack speed
+0.72% attack damage every melee hit, max 10 stacks

Doesn’t say anything about resetting at all, but I’m sure it does after some sort of trigger, I’ll have to test it

I must have this item! Imagine this stacked with raths legendary gear item! Holy poop!!

Unfortunately, my computer has a strange bug that results in it REALLY wanting to take screenshots of just my desktop, but I’ll continue attempting to take one. There is no specified end of the stacks, just “gives stacks of .83% attack damage on melee hit, up to 10 stacks”

try taking screenshots with Steam or some other program, not the default print screen button? :slight_smile:

I am also curious.
This may be able to be applied to range characters if the stacks stay somehow. You just need to have a melee with your offhand melee (B button or Circle button dunno what it is on pc)

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Bump, been using this item as well. Turned my Deande and Rath into OP beasts of destruction, want to know if the stacks fall off though and at what point

If you can keep hitting people no they won’t fall off just keep refreshing at 10 but as soon as you go I believe 5 seconds without connecting you lose it.