Vow of Vengeance Popularity

It’s generally considered one of the best legendaries. Almost everyone has one. Why though? The stacks disappear quickly and take long enough to build up that without generous attack speed you won’t reach full stacks quickly enough to make an optimal impact, especially for someone like Pendles who doesn’t specialize in attacking for those quintessential long periods of time. Thoughts?

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VoV popular? Why would I pay double for a gear with elusive damage bonus and a tiny AS bonus, when there is Scoundrel’s “Stinger”?

That’d what I’m wondering haha

Symbiotic Gauntlet has taken most Legendary attack damage gear slots for me…The Pacifier the rest…no need/use for VoV.

I used to use VoV before I had anything else lol.

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I thought we were talking about VoZF… I was like you guys are crazy that’s an amazing gear piece.

But yeah vov isn’t really a gear I use on anyone anymore. Sym gauntlet is usually just as good if not better for most.

I wouldn’t look too hard into why you have been seeing more vov on people though. Some people just don’t understand gear :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I really don’t understand why everybody tries to use it. Most people I see using it, doesn’t even fit in with their character. I’m looking at you, triple legendary ambra from yesterday…

There is not enough information… A lot of our knowledge comes from testing gear and debating the odds.

Some players dont visit forums at all, and gear do not tell you how long the stacks last… Some are untill dead others few seconds.

God attack speed dosent work the same way in everyone…


I don’t use melee in this game, aside from the occasional S&A for dialog LOLs (I AM NOT GRUMBLES!!), but i prefer the symbiotic gauntlet on them, because their health is always up when played right.

Also, as a sorta-off-topic-but-not-really question, i FINALLY got a Voxis Core (and MAX-ROLLED!!) out of the Christmas legendary pack; and while i already know to staple that sh*t to Orendi’s hat pronto, i was wondering if it’s good on ISIC. Does it affect omega strike or plasma dash? EDUCATE ME, FORUM FRIENDS!!


Well first off, it affects his fully charged shots, which is awesome. Especially as it only works off of one target at a time, making it meh for plasma dash. Omega Strike… the assault gun like fire used to count as attack damage, which I don’t know if it was changed. The laser blast is skill damage though, so probably

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Stop. You had me at “it affects his fully charged shots”. Thanks, dude!

I can’t WAIT to try my new Voxis Core out on some unsuspecting meatbag’s kneecaps! Ahahaha!


Never used it and never will :stuck_out_tongue:

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But like, why lol. I’m just biased because I like shields and skill damage and aoes and old Kleese


Run it on pretty much every melee except El Dragon and Pendles.

In a lot of cases paired with a AS item specifically. I even run the item on Ambra with my melee build. In the cases of Rath and Gali, their legendary ends up being the best pairing legendary with Vow on either of them. Seems how their legendaries also tend to be the most optimal to even run on them, its kind of a no brainer.

Rath’s base attack speed is actually really good so you dump an extra 8-10% on there form the pairing of the two items and you don’t really need more. His combo is 1-1-3 so after the first combo on someone he half stacks the item easy. Then the hard spiked AD in the fight makes him harder to finish off due to being paired with his legendary.

Its the same with Gali as well except for different reasons. She has lower base AD but has a AS steroid so if you pop 10% on their to get the engine going that’s all she really needs. However, when paired with her legendary the AD gets real good when you get repeated stuns in a fight. Her legendary will give you half of that damage back off a stunned target as hp. Pairs nice with the fact it usually gives you 250-300 HP.

Symbiotic is not the best on melee’s as they take damage during their engagements. With Vow the longer you fight the stronger you are, but with Symbiotic the longer you fight the weaker you are. Its kinda badong for a melee.

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Wait, Voxis Core affects his charged shots?

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I only use VOV with another attack speed item or characters with high attack speed and slows like Rath and Phoebe. It’s easy for them to stack the buff.


It may have changed but I managed to kill low health enemies while hitting fools a fair bit away enough times where it seems so. Ofc, I haven’t played him in a lil while. Or anyone though, so :no_mouth:
Speaking of I can’t wait to get back now. I kinda miss it

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Huh. I used Voxis on ISIC a few weeks ago and I wasn’t getting any AoE on his charged shots.

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Well then I’m probably wrong lol. Hmm. I now want to go through and see what does count. @EdenSophia, is venom affected by Voxis? I figure you’ve checked at one point or another

I don’t have Voxis Core. I can only confirm that Bola’s works with venom, so it’s likely Voxis does as well…

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We need a freakin’ mythbusters team to find out about this stuff