Voxis Core and other Disabled Legendaries

Can we please not disable legendaries? I would rather have a legendary nerfed into the ground to fix the problem of it being OP, then buff it two weeks later to the balanced amount. Disabling Legendaries ruins the experience of getting a top tier legendary for most players, especially when there is no guarantee Gearbox will ever fix them. Voxis Core has been disabled for 20+ days not with still no intended fix date. No other game removes top tier gear for an extended period of time, they simply patch the gear, not disable it.


There must be a major patch in a couple of weeks (since they said we would be getting new maps around then). Hopefully they will be brought back online at that point.


Hopefully they bring back all the legendaries. It just really disappoints me they only deal with these huge issues in “a few weeks.” After I hit CR 100, my only motivation to play this game is collecting legendaries, character ranks, and a few friends. Now that a lot of the best ones are disabled for who knows how longs, really kills my trust and respect for gearbox that they have to disable rather than patch.

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They should take the disabled legendaries, decompile them into binary, print them out, and burn them infront of the other legendaries so they behave.


This is incorrect. League has disabled items before. Sure, this isnt League but I do know that testing any changes or new content can take ages. QA testing in games is a time consuming process, especially when the changes made can affect any hero in a multitude of ways because of their Helix. The choice made to disable the gear was because it was too OP, if left alone. Sure, it hurts the countable amount of people who have it because they cant use it; It also benefits the majority of players who dont have it. Ill bet the main reason it was disabled and not simply changed was also because they want to rework the gear piece as a whole. This really isnt something worth complaining over, its spilled milk and the glass will be refilled shortly if you just concentrate on your peas and carrots

I’m also disappointed in the way this is being handled. I haven’t had the chance to try out my purse cutter (whatever it’s called) yet and now it’s greyed out. Unless the item isn’t working at all then don’t grey it out. Just leave it alone until you have a fix.
If the item isn’t working at all then at least give us a different legendary. After all it’s your coding screw up that’s why we’re short an item.

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Yeah i also agree, i have been waiting for the voxis to return for 3+ weeks now, its just crazy. Takes a lot of the fun out of it when u grind and grind and finally get a legendary drop or out of pack that u have grinded for hours to get the credits for it to then be taken away for weeks and probably months at a time. Its just not good enough. A lot of my friends who i regularly played with have already left because of this exact reason.

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Just FYI, the disabled items don’t just need a numerical tweak. There is some fundamental issue with the central mechanic that requires a more drastic approach.

For instance Voxis Core (since you called it out) was compounding the AoE to ridiculous levels. An AoE spell would cause multiple Voxis AoEs. A single skill dropped into a minion group could essentially double or triple the damage.

If you nerf the item low enough to suit this edge case, you’ve all but eliminated the entire legendary aspect, which would draw complaints from people who were “tricked” into paying 1800 shards for, essentially, a purple.

That said … I will support a call to hurry the hell up. Disable them if you must, make the fix, and turn them back on. Chop chop.


Some of the gear was really exploitable. A Kelvin using voxis core can chomp a while minion wave and get 500 more health per minion wave. That’s a problem that’s deep in the code. There is no easy fix.

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The other 2 disabled legendaries were equally exploitable:

Vigilance Link provides 280 hp to you and 210 hp to all of your allies. If an entire 5 man team each brings a Viligance Link, suddenly the entire team has 1120 more hp. That’s nearly doubling the squishier character’s max hp.

One-4-All Shield Array does the same thing for shields: 140 to you and 98 to your allies. Everyone in the group gets 532 additional shield.

Those two legendaries are balanced if there’s only one in the group but, when you start stacking them, they’re insanely good.

I expect they’re trying to find a way to make the Link and Array not stack within parties and the Voxis Core only apply to single target attacks, which would balance them out immensely, but is programmatically more complex than you might think. Otherwise, they’d need to balance them around the insane combos that people manage, which would render them worthless otherwise.

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Can’t they just give us another legendary that isn’t broken? It’s not my fault that Voxis was OP. I shouldn’t have it ripped away without some compensation.

It’s not permanently disabled; it’s just disabled until they fix it. I could only see them giving out a replacement if they were actually taking away the legendary, rather than telling you “sorry, you can’t use this for a little while; it is broken as hell”.

But it’s been disabled for over a month or more. At one point it was the only legendary I had. They haven’t given us a real time line for when or if it will ever been fixed.

Probably because it’s more complicated to fix than you might think and, because it’s programmatically complex and not an immediate concern (it’s not like it’s a character, which would be another issue entirely), it’s on a comparatively lower priority.

I would expect the fix for it to come in the same massive patch that’s going to be rebalancing 24 of the 26 characters (next week or the week after, I think; also, I think they’re adding Pendles, too). Until then, be patient. It wasn’t removed from the game completely, which is a good omen for them focusing on balancing it.

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Actually, if Chomp is a problem, then limiting Voxis to single-target wouldn’t fix anything (though I thought I tried it on Kelvin and it didn’t seem to do much…maybe I was doing it wrong). I assumed they were going to make it so the effect didn’t stack.

I don’t think Chomp is as big of a problem for the Voxis Core as much as Orendi’s Pillarstorm (places a pillar beneath all Battleborn in range; if they’re stacked up, they’re gonna get obliterated by shared damage) and other AoEs, in which each target hit by the AoE ends up taking 15% of the damage that each enemy near them takes, which means that, if there’s a tight pack of minions, they can end up taking 150% damage from the core in addition to the initial 100%.

The intent of Voxis Core, as I see it, was to turn ST skills into AoE skills; it ended up making AoEs absurdly amazing.

But PvE teams!

Come on, this is Gearbox, surely the devs can use a filter on the meta database for Inventory and we can have them.
In ‘we’, I mean those of us who only play Advanced PvE…I hope we count.

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Yeah, I’m with you—that’s how I saw it as well. To me it’s a case where they didn’t consider boundary conditions (or it was intended not to stack all along and something broke).

YES! I want my Vigilance Link Back!

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…You, yes You, more than deserve it. :slight_smile:

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