Voxis core broken?

I started using this legendary item and i have not seen a boosted damage to nearby minions in the splash damage it was the same before i activated the gear.

im playing as Benedict and using Hawkeye

im seeing a trend with benedict and his splash damage just not working right


That super sucks. =(

Where did you get this legendary btw? Loot pack or on a specific mission? If a mission which? I’d like to try and get it myself as I’m sure they will fix whatever issue it has.


i want to say maybe the renegade map? only a guess

I have the Voxis Core, got it from one of my Legendary loot packs from my Deluxe Edition. I don’t believe it affects your regular attacks, only skill damage.

[quote=“bluehasia, post:1, topic:1457810”]
using Hawkeye
[/quote] which is a skill for benedict

No, it definitely works… I say that as someone who’s witnessed Orendi + Voxis core. (the damage done by it actually shows up on your post-death report… shudders)

Sorry, not much of a Benedict player. Well huh… seems like a lot of gear that should affect numbers, be it healing or damage, doesn’t seem to change said numbers when activated. Is the damage being calculated in the background and not being displayed or are a lot of gear pieces broken?

Whichever it it, I believe this should be looked into.

i just think there is a bigger underlying issue with benedict and his splash damage then

Meh, it could just be not showing up on the screen.

i see all the numbers pop up it is the same as before i activated, its easy to check especially on meltdown when hitting the lead minion in the group and all the nearby minions will get the splash damage

Benedict skill damage is low, I don’t even know if HE counts as skill or attack. It definitely doesn’t count for the locked on rockets. Test it in a private with only one bot?