Voxis Core temporarily Disabled & Nerf Question?

Does anyone know when and how the Voxis Core legendary will be back and how it might or will be nerfed? or if it will be nerfed at all??

I only ever really play as is thorn and i basically depended on that for my Skill Damage thorn build.

How long will i have to wait potentially before i can play properly again??

A very good replacement is a Jennerit epic battery with +xxx Shield strength, +x.x% skill damage, -xx% reload speed. A max stat roll is 140 shield, 4.2 skill damage, 21% reload speed. It only cost 756 shardd with max stats, i know it doesnt have awesome aoe legendary perk, but its closest ive found to voxis core, decent for the time being

The aoe thing it’s probably what he’s looking for as thorn. I used it a orendi :frowning: I doubt they’ll let it proc on everyone anymore. Using it on an enemy among minions melted them. (Shadow fire pillar, I mean)

Does anyone know when it will come back??

I would like to know too. I just got it the other day from an Epic loot pack and i cant use it. I want to use it!! Someone told me its too op because it stacks (with skills and ultimates that do damage twice). So theyre just going to remove the ability for it to stack. Hopefully thats all. And hopefully itll be back next week.

I never actually used it, thought about it on Orendi many times but I don’t play Orendi often (I know right, who doesn’t play Orendi!?)
So the Voxis Core would stack with say, Orendi’s level 10 mutation? Bugger, wishing I’d tried it now :open_mouth: And Thorn’s double Blight at level 10, why did I not think of this before!? >.<

To the OP, chin up! Thorn has a radical kit and huge burst potential, you may have used this item in your loadout but I assure you it’s not mandatory to deal massive skill damage with Thorn. I wrote a Thorn guide on these here forums if you’d like some alternate ideas until the Voxis Core is fixed?

Edit: Here’s a link to the thread, if you’re intetested - Another Thorn PvP build/loadout/playstyle guide. My style

I think he means stacks per enemy hit, as I said up above. If you hit five enemies with one SF pillar, they take base damage plus 75* more. At least I’m assuming. That’s why I used it on Orendi :slight_smile: I don’t think they’ll take it off, they’d have to replace it as it’s legendary. They’ll just fix it so it can only go up 15%

I’d like to see the skill damage splash reduced to 5% or take away the echo effects and leave it at 15%

5% is a joke, nobody will use it. What do you mean by echo?

Yeah I hope they are only eliminating the stack of 15% to enemies (the bit that was too OP and thus why it needed nerfing) and they are leaving it at 15% in total. that way it will still be a good and viable option for AoE damage players like thorn. If they nerf it by any other means they really could ruin it and make it a useless trash legendary, which I think would annoy A LOT of players.

Dang…an I finally just got it from the pack. Hopefully it’ll be back soon, really wanna try it.

He means when you use a AoE every individual target would deal 15% of the dmg from the initial aoe in a AoE causing like a paradox effect its even stronger if the skill also has a DoT.

Ah the stacking that shouldn’t be there… Yeah that needs to go :slight_smile:

i used this gear for benedict and never found bouns damage to the minions near the one i hit (yes with skills)

i have said for a while now i think benedict rockets are glitched but.

How is 5% a joke? Thats like an extra 5% skill damage right off the bat. If you hit a minion wave thats 25% more skill damage to all of them, hardly a joke. Echo is the fact that the more enemies the skill hits, the more damage it bounces.
So alternatively, it would stay at 15% damage but not do any more to multiple targets.

I’m saying 5 flat. I assumed echo was the thing that was not supposed to happen, and therefore going away. So 15% good, non stacking. 5% stacking is better, but also worse.

So when is the Voxis core going to be re-enabled? Kinda sucks having one of your few legendaries disabled for over two weeks.

one of the devs who replied to another one of my posts said something along the lines of ‘few more weeks’…

totally sucks right. Its so damn annoying.

(Joe, the community manager)