VR support for BL3?

With the Oculus Quest launching later this month I’m hoping VR supported titles will start to ramp up. BL3 is the one I hope to see the most added to the list.
Anyone else want that?
Has anyone seen or heard anything about VR support for BL3?

I’m sure they’ll have it in time but they’ll probably wait a few years that way when they re-release it in VR they get a ton of new sales instead of people being split between non-VR and VR right now.

I hope there is support as ive barely used my VR since buying it so its gathering dust. More AAA games need too add support for it.

Did you get the PS VR or one of the PC-based systems?

In the end it is not so much an issue for a special VR Mode as you probably can link a lot of games to VR but instead the problem with Motion sickness prevention which is currently the issue why extra VR games exist. People testing out Borderlands 2 VR even said that they felt it is ok without those controls and that they were more likely to walk freely instead of the teleportation.

Like it is with all stuff our body needs time to get used to it even driving in a car gets people sick even more so if they are not in charge of the control. (I for myself feel sick rather quick when I’m not driving myself while doing so I’m fine)

On the other side there are little options that can make you feel sick even without playing Borderlands 2 with VR Device. You have the option that youre hud moves a bit which is absolutely cool for me as with the not moving HUD I felt sick after a few minutes. Small adjustments like this can easely help VR configurations for games that are no VR to be played this way without getting motion sickness.

However biggest disadvantage for VR right now it is to expensive for me ^^

As choppy as it plays on all formats, I have a hard time seeing them make it work on VR yet. Eventually, maybe, but I would think years down the line. Slowdown, chop, and unstable framerate seem to be major contributors to motion sickness, so yeah… no.