Vrye as the Guardian (VH Concept)

Still using the time, waiting for mayhem 2.0 to create some stuff.
It’s surprisingly hard to think of three whole skilltrees and not reapeat yourself or other vault hunters^^

I always thought that the next vault hunter, whenever it might come, should be a guardian.
Since they seem to have the ability to think and free themselves from their masters’ orders.

Thats the ida of Vrye (“Free”)
Vrye learned to think automonous and now has the goal to empty all vaults, to free the other guardians from their eternal slavery.


Is the visual concept like the gaurdians we see now?

I guess with heads and skins she could have any face really. Theres an amara gaurdian like face would she be default like that?

You really put alot of work into it and balance
From lore standard melle attacks id see as gaurdian blades to how shields are mostly their health and defense.

Good job!

thx <3
i dont really know how i imagine vrye visually
probably smilar to the guardians in the game, yea
i mean there are many different shapes and looks so you could think of some individual look

Interesting concept. Would “Room is an illusion” make them teleport to the enemy or teleport their blade to the enemy (attack from afar)?

It would just damage enemies by hitting the air while pointing at them with the cursor, I guess? XD
But it would probably have some cool effect going on to display this ability :stuck_out_tongue: