Vsync option doesnt work, Screen tearing

Hello fellow Homeworld fans.

First, the Perfomance has extremely improved with the Patch 2.0. I’ve got a hd 7850 and before the Patch i was constantly under 60 fps with drops under 30. Now it doesnt drop anymore below 60 and is often in the 100+ region with max settings unlike before. And that results in a new Problem:
the option vsync doesnt affect my game at all. It makes no difference if vsync or adaptive sync. This leads to Screen tearing which really destroys the gameplay experience.
Does vsync work on your game? please check it with a fps counter. Normally vsync always limits the fps to 60 in my other games. I’ve also tried to force vsync and a fps limiter with radeon crimson which doesnt work.
I really hope that this is just a bug and that a small patch will solve that Problem.
Pls check if your Homeworld patched 2.0 has the same problem.

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Interesting. Many players have commented on the performance hit, due to the mechanics and updates, though more than expected. Your improved performance is, well, great to hear! I suggest going and restoring the in-game video settings to default and closing the application. On relaunch, set your settings as desired, as this fixed the problem for me. If you can, do this after removing the forced vsync from your radeon program, then with it on (I use nvidia, though).
A side note, if the issue remains, feel free to post in the bugs and issues thread, just so the devs have a central location for these kinds of things.

Thank you very much,

the tearing seems gone with your tips. Only thing the developers should do is to add an fps limit option. I dont need 100+ fps and it only pushes the graphicscard unnecessary to its limit. An 60 fps limit would be nice. i hope they patch this option bug, i already submitted a message to the developers. Hoping it will change something :wink:

Check in your amd control panel, or look online to see if you graphics card works with amd programs to limit frame rate. I had to that to limit my frames, as my monitor simply doesn’t refresh as such absurdly high frame rates. Glad to hear your vsync works now!

I will try to limit the fps with MSI Afterburner. Will reply the results next week.

I’ve got a 60 fps Limit with MSI Afterburner which works now. Strangely Vsync only works in window mode. I only get tearing in fullscreen. Seems to be a bug. I hope they fix that.