Vyn's Quiver or Veil Breaker Rounds?

Hello, quite new to Battleborn, played it a bunch during the beta and only recently bought the full game. So I’ve taken a liking to Caldarius and are fooling around with different builds. Do to his low ammo capacity I often go for reload speed, but I’m torn between these two.

Veil Breaker Rounds
+18.33% Reload Speed
+9.17% Shield Penetration
The last round in the magazine prevents the target’s shield from charging for 10 seconds.

(so I feel the shield penetration is meh, but unique effect seems pretty powerful on someone like Caldarius with only 20 (or 28) bullets in one magazine, making him a powerful harasser)


Vyn’s Quiver
+17.97% Reload Speed
+3.59 Health Regeneration per Second
On reload, gain up to +3.59 Health Regeneration per Second based on bullets left in the magazine.

(So, I feel like the Health Regen can help him stay in the field a little longer, he does frequently reload after all.)

What do you think, I’m torn between them.

Quiver FTW, Caldy has no sustain and a little can go a long way.

I’m a melee player though so I may not give the best advice on a mid-range skirmisher, but if there were an item like that for melee chars I’d consider it. Caldy chases, spams crits, and kills quickly, I don’t see much benefit to preventing shields from recharging when you’re typically doing that by chasing people down and shooting their heads.

Of the two I’d try the quiver first. Shield pen isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be unless you’re fighting Kleese and is virtually useless against Eldrid characters since they don’t naturally have a shield. But as @Slif_One said, he needs something to help him stay in the fight, so health/shield regen items are pretty good on him. I really like his lore legendary and it’s fairly easy to get aside from the one where you have to kill enemies with his energy blade while on the same team as Rath, but there are ways to find others who’ll help you with that, namely the unofficial Discord channel. @Kaleidodemon can provide the link to it.

I have been summoned it seems. Need linky? Here’s linky: https://discord.gg/battleborn


As everyone has said, quiver.

For sustain, i really feel like his legendary is enough and his reload speed is prety fast so i’m not sure it’s worth to go reload speed on him, i prefer attack speed, skill damage and why not movement/sprint speed

How does work the Vyn’s Quiver ??? What does mean : “On reload, gain up to +4.20 Health Regeneration per Second based on bullets left in the magazine.” ?
You have 4.20% regen if you reload with 0 bullets in the magazine or if the magazine is full (-1) ???

Btw the Synthaline Tonic would be great as sustain item for caldarius :
+9.80% Sprint Speed
+7.14% Critical Hit Damage
+5.60% Lifesteal from damaging an enemy after sprinting for 3 seconds.

But it only works on the first attack after sprinting, so the item is pretty useless and 5.6% is really too weak

Perhaps. As I said I’m new and doesn’t have that many useful items yet and I’m trying different loadouts with him. Doesn’t have the legendary yet.

You got a bad roll on that quiver.

I would also like to know this. Does the health regen work better if you reload from a completely empty clip, or does it work better if you fire one round and then reload? That description is very unclear. It doesn’t specify if more bullets or less bullets are better for the regen.

I tried it, the regeneration is higher to more bullets left in the magazine.


Thank you!

Follow up question which you may or not know depending on your testing, do you know if the amount of bullets in a magazine makes a difference to the healing? I.e. OM has significantly more bullets than Benedict. I assume it must be based off percentage of bullets left in the clip then…

It just occurred to me that that could be a fantastic item for Benedict if you use the reload\fire clipping technique…

It’s percent based, the bonus only goes up to +3.59%, so even with multiple reloads, at maximum you can only get a total of 7.18 Health Regen from this item.

Max rolled it’s 4.20, so up to 8.40.

Works nicely on a venom spamming Mellka, especially if you stack health regen.

7.0 innate + 8.40 + almost 12 on a health regen item gives you 27+ per second, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Then grab an epic damage reduction for the extra 4.2 so it’s over 30!

On someone like Mellka with a low health pool the DR is pretty much wasted, so there’s probably better options for the third slot.

I have run a similar build on Montana before with the green DR though!

I scratched them both in the end.
My current build are:
Stolen Edge of Arcvyvnorr
+6.94% Attack Speed
+3.47% Movement Speed
Stack +1.39% Attack Speed on landing a critical hit. Max 5 stacks.

Rejuvenating Stalker Rounds
+20.12% Reload Speed
+4.02 Health Regeneration per Second

Symbiotic Gauntlet
+8.83% Attack Damage
+204 Maximum Health
Gain up to +8.83 Attack Damage based on current percentage of max health.

It has worked pretty well for me so far, but tips are appreciated.

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The legendary on him will change your life. In addition to attack speed and skill damage which are just godly on caldarius, the legendary effect lets you lock down kills with his ultimate and live to tell about it. Get it ASAP.

Got it yesterday, was lucky enough to get in a 2-man raid with Rath, got all 150 melee kill in one go. However his item doesn’t seem that awesome, tbh. The attack speed is lower than on my Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr, +4.68% Skill Damage is pretty lackluster, and 50% Life Steal on his ult is very situational.

Is attack speed + ability power even available on common items? I was under the impression that this combination of stats is what made it unique. And yeah, the ultimate thing is situational… That’s kind of the idea.

Those two buffs combined are unique (tmk), but I pretty much trade 5~6% Attack speed and 3.47% Movement Speed for ~5% Skill Damage and 50% Life Steal on my ult, an Ult with low damage and long cooldown. I’m not sure it’s worth the trade-off.