(W)Berserker or Last Stand Otto Idol and Bounty Hunter Class Mods. Hellfire w/2 mags incendiary or 100% Wpndmg ASE. [H] Google Doc Below

The stats that I am looking for on the artifacts are:

  1. Action Skill Cooldown
  2. Magazine Size/Movement Speed
  3. Max Shield/Max Health

The Stats that I am looking for on the Bounty Hunter Class Mods are:

  1. -18% Damage Reduction
  2. 25% Weapon Damage
  3. 31% Action Skill Cooldown Rate

Regardless of whatever combination of skills you have on the mod to me are irrelevant, I only require the secondary stats to be exact. If you have the desired item, any, or more than one of my items are up for trade. If u friend request, send comment trading, so I’ll know whats up. Thank you for stopping by.

PSN: MeKillYou1212