W.I.P. Character Concept: Slither

That’s the idea, I thought it sounded cool and fair, I was gonna attach something like a MS boost to it but it already looked fairly loaded

Definitely sounds intriguing and something of a “fair trade” since it “uses” your action skill in exchange for a guaranteed revive. I bet it’d make raid bosses easier (glares at Hyperious and his double novas of cheatiness)

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surrre, let’s say it did that instead of refreshing it for use upon revive. It’s not like a “free” revive is that useful in mobbing, considering it’s a capstone i thought It would be fair. Maybe add a caveat so enemies have to down you so you can’t just rocket urself for a free AS.

Wait… so it was supposed be something like enter FFYL and gain an instant action skill usage every 120 seconds? Hmm… yeah, sounds a bit op :acmjk:

General mobbing perhaps, but it’d help raiding I bet :slight_smile:

Compare that to capstones like Jack’s “free kill skill every 4s and also counts for revives”, it seems tame.

True. I dunno really, although I think you should check the slight edit I did (namely I put in a number for the hp respawn instead of “X”) before we add something truly outrageous to it (orbiting corrosive balls that deal fairly high DOT for example)

Maybe have it not regen shield? So if you revive you revive with max health and AS, but u’ll probably need to use the AS soon after as ur vulnerable.

I’m definitely keeping the shield regen part, I’ve kinda decided that whole tree will be devoted to making shields BA even if you picked up the white “garbage parts” shield.
I could maybe lower the hp revival amount or have it be fairly strong but still tame hp regen?

maybe not have AS restore you to full if ur gonna do that, maybe just passive health regen.

But I want to be OP as hell and stack extreme bonuses of the same thing and I totally didn’t forget that the AS restores hp. I also do not have a “Denial Subroutine”.