W: Incendiary Laser-Sploder Item score 566 H: Rad Recurring Hex+ Splash damage and Radius Bloodletter, Rad anointed Laser Sploder with cryo

Gamertag is Chaotic Infamy if interested.

Also have a rain Firestorm, anointed for movespeed while sntl is active front loader, anointed for digiclone 3% max health a second regen stop gap

I am interested in the Rain Firestorm for Zane, the Movement Speed

Gt - xCaliburxxx

I am interested in the rad recurring hex. Do you need anything else?

I worded that weird. the front loader is anointed for movement speed

Any Anointed fire laser sploder or a Molten Resolute Lyuda?

Will still trade for the rain Firestorm

Gt - xCaliburxxx