[W] Just a few things [H] inquire inside

I haven’t gotten around to uploading my list but ask for a specific weapon and I’ll see if it’s in my inventory.

I’m looking for the following mainly:

Binary Destructo Spinner Fire/Rad or Shock/Cryo - ASE +50% Element or +125% splash.
Fire/Shock/Radiation Redistributor - ASE+50% element
Fire/Radiation Butcher- ASE +100% weapon damage

Fire/Radiation Lyuda - ASE +50% element.

Transformer/Stop-Gap - ASE + 50% Element or 15% life steal.

Longbow Quasar/Cloning Hex/Ghast Call - ASE +50% element, or on Grenade thrown +damage.

Last Stand/ Elemental Projector Otto Idol- +Mag Size, +weapon damage, +AOE

Elemental Projector Victory Rush

GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

Have you got a radiation hex with on throw 25 or a red suit with Zane sntnl annoint? I got transformer ASE elements if so.

Literally farming the Red Suit right now! I don’t have any annointed Hexes.

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If you have any luck with that annoint let me know. I’ll send you an ASE transformer anyway, what element you need?

I appreciate it, incendiary or radiation is fine, so far I’ve gotten quite a few pestilence (-_-)

GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI btw