|W| Phazerker lvl.50 COM hopefully with good stats |H| Deathless, Hex, Lyuda, and more

Looking for a good lvl 50 phazerker com. Have multiple good things to trade in return, including multiple versions of the Deathless, Multiple Hexes, Lyuda Variants, and much more. Let me know!

Can You post the pictures of the Deathless You got?
I have really good Phazerker COM. (Will post pic if any deathless will interest me).

Yeah absolutely. give me one second to get those screengrabs

I also just got an Elemental Projector Deathless, but I’m keeping that as my own personal one for my build

But I mean if it was a completely god-tier phazerker its on the table

what stats are you looking for on a phasezerker i got a few i’m not using

I’d be looking for either mag size, crit damage, or another good bonus on the stats, but thats not required. And I’d probably be looking for one with only two skills, but again that’s not absolutely necessary. Do you mind posting pictures of your phazerkers?

Borderlands3_2bnpabQWKp Borderlands3_8WLSyYc1xh Borderlands3_HeYbtQiyi7 Borderlands3_OMavZsYP2S

I will post the screenshot of Phasezerker when I get home from work.
You will see if it’s worth for your own :slight_smile:
Wish I could post it right now :confused:

i dont need a pic… what are the attributes like?

I was talking to @tuckerensmenger :wink:
I don’t remember. It was 1 skill boost with +5, I think it was that :hourglass_flowing_sand:. Weapon damage, skill cooldown I think, really can’t remember. Played Amara, where I have the phasezerker, over a week ago.

shoot me the img when you can

Sure thing. When I will be back home from work I will post it here.

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Awesome, Thanks!

Haikuasfunction, so far the phasezerker I like the most is the one with the weapon damage bonus stat, But I’m going to wait for Kakao to post their one just to get all options before i decide

Sadly that one is no more.

do you have some ice breaker victory rush or zane mod?

Saw these or some really like these on reddit

I saw 10x the same 94% Sham in Borderlands 2… It’s more than possible to have exaclly the same drops… that’s how Borderlands works.