W: Zane Executor Mods, Mirv-tacular Hex(Cryo), Two anointed guns. H: See list

–Looking for the following anointed items–

Lucians Call (preferably no scope)

The Companion

–Heres what I have for anointed items-- (All 50)

Faisor (Zane)


NightHawkin (Zane)


ASMD (Zane)

Woodblocker (Zane)

Barrage (Zane)

Face Puncher

The Butcher

Alchemist (Zane)


Ripper (Zane)

Krakatoa (Zane)

Firestorm (Zane)



Rowans Call (Zane)

Devastator (Zane)

Conference Call

Gatling Gun (Zane)

Kings Call

Wagon Wheel


Thunderball Fists

The Flood

Flakker (Zane)


The Transformer

Rough Rider

–Notable mentions (Non-anointed)-- (All 50)

Shredifier (Double Barrel)

Infinity (Corrosive)

Deathless (Elemental Projector)

Loaded Dice

I have a Cryo Lucians call that’s annointed for Zane. Swapping with digiclone adds 75% gun damage for a short time. Can’t remember if it had scope or not since I haven’t used it but can check when home from work

What’s the annointment on crossroad, facepuncher, conference call, kings call and rough rider?

Very interested in that Lucians Call. Anointments are;
Crossroad(cryo)- 125% damage to badasses, named enemies, and bosses after action skill
Facepuncher(no element)- Next two mags have 50% increased fire damage after action skill
Conference call(no element)- Next two mags have 50% increased corrosive damage after action skill
Kings call(fire)-Melee damge increased by 100% after action skill
Rough Rider- Melee damage increased by 100% after action skill

My PSN is Slick1678, add me and let me know which ones you’re interested in and I’ll send them your way when I get the chance

Interested? I don’t use Zane so you can just have this. If you’ve got any Sickles to throw my way that’d be rad.

Interested in your nighthawkin and flakker