W4r-d3n uvhm aghhh

So just beat him after it going to friendship gulag, used a kind of cheap strategy hid in the right corner and hit him with slag rubi, bad touch, if I got low on health I just BXR’d and hit him with that,and repeated that until he was dead…felt cheap too me but nothing else worked. Just wondering if this is normal in uvhm because I know there are harder enemies (badass thresher in highlands, bunker, and the badass constructors in various areas), are there other strategies then hiding like a b*tch.

You didn’t have a good shock weapon to kill his shields quickly? Were you underleveled? Were you not hitting critical hit spots?

I don’t know… What can I say is to try using sniper rifles next time, becuase that’s how I did it and no problems with my Zer0.

Krieg doesn’t have quite the built in critical skills that Zero has so it might be a bit different for him using a sniper rifle. Still he does get explosive buffs galore. Personally Maliwankenobi I’d go to the Krieg section and ask for adive for gear and skill builds in UVHM- and of course, slag, slag and slag some more…

I just finished this mission, It wasnt so difficult, I killed the turret for fuel the blood and threw axes at him until he died.

I guess the definition of “cheap tactic” is up to each and every one of us. I personally don’t think avoiding massive damage is a cheap tactic. Those who like taking massive hits are free to continue with that. I hear that unmounted shields work wonders when you REALLY feel like getting hit.

Taking damage when you don’t have to… now, that’s just plain… :blconfused:


@mlociks have you played uvhm? Enemies are at your level or a level above, so no chance of being underleveled. I didn’t have a chance to get any criticals with all the loaders spawning super badass included, if I stopped to shoot war den they tore me to shreds.

@Carlton_Slayer I was slagging but with the constructors not able to be slagged for more then a couple seconds it really didn’t do much but I still slag n swapped every couple seconds

instead of slag on them, try a “Shock Storm Front” (or Corrosive) grenade it may work wonders

in UVHM the strategy you used is the Best one, you just can’t run up and roll over everything like you can in NVHM and TVHM, do that in UVHM and 95% of the time you are going to get your A** handed to you. In UVHM I avoid just running in as much as possible, I’ll work at as far away as possible and take them down 1 or 2 at a time, then go in closer to mop up.

Agree 100%

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It’s weird because the gluttonous thresher in the extraction plant was so easy compared to tvhm, where i died 10 times, didn’t even need BXR just shot him to death. So basically just avoiding taking damage is all you can do, I won’t feel so bad now when I face saturn, and the badass constructors before bunker and after saturn thank you all for putting my conscience at ease :laughing:

Saturn will be hard. get a hornet.

Or just hide in the shack and avoid most of his attacks… :wink:

Actually, I found Saturn to be one of the easiest bosses, if a little tedious. Just make sure you keep that building between you and him by circling round it and popping into view now and then to take pot shots. His attacks can’t reach you then if you hug the building so it’s just a question of time. The Bee helps to speed things up but it’s not essential.

Agree 100% on getting a Hornet. Knuckledragger is an easy farm and it will help a lot here and make the fight much quicker, not to mention making the journey to him through the Loaders a walk in the park

Just don’t stay there if he jumps down right outside it. He has a very powerful stomp.

there is a shelve in the shack that I have been able to get onto and it seems to dampen the damage, I’ve even been able to fire at Saturn’s feet as he walks around outside and have taken him down that way a couple times without getting into dying.

What hornet should I farm for? I found the react to be the best, but I’ve read that the neutralizing is the best. @Guacamole

This. Works on every play through. Kreig can kill any boss with his axes. Its how I beat BNK3R every time.

Both react and neutralizing are good, but if your’e still leveling don’t waste your time farming for specific parts/prefix, any hornet will do.

The “React” prefix boost Fire Rate, and “Neutralizing” prefix boosts Damage. Personally, I have used both but prefer the “React” prefix. IIRC, my OP8 React Hornet (Corrosive) has a 16.3 Fire Rate. In either case, you have to ADS to take advantage of Burst Fire. Shooting from the hip with a Hornet (Corrosive) is not recommended. Being a Dahl weapon also means it is virtually useless in FFYL. The one prefix I would definitely avoid is “Twin”. The accuracy is abysmal, and it has twice the ammo consumption. If we were talking about the Unkempt Harold (Explosive) instead of the Hornet (Corrosive), then I would recommend the Torgue equivalent aka “Double Penetrating”.

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Yes, Hornet is beautiful. I have the twin. Slightly less accurate at distance, but just fricking melts loaders, constructors, surveyors, armored lunatics, buzzards and badass varkids. Knuckledragger is so easy to farm, but sometimes you need a lot of repetitions to get what you want. I’ve fallen asleep trying for a specific hornet from him.

I found warden hard the first time, when I had no idea how to play the game, and was operating on classic fps instinct (launchers are best, get up in enemies’ faces, no clue about elemental damage, etc.) Get a nice shock weapon for his shields, and a corrosive sniper or the aforementioned Hornet. Get rid of his minions w/Hornet, shock his sheilds, then shoot him in the eye with either sniper or Hornet. If he does manage to spawn a bot, kill it, then back to that eye.

[quote=“steamnixtest, post:18, topic:618313, full:true”]
Knuckledragger is so easy to farm, but sometimes you need a lot of repetitions to get what you want. I’ve fallen asleep trying for a specific hornet from him.[/quote]

Yes, I’ll second that. Last week I farmed him at OP3 for about 90 minutes and ended up with around a dozen OP2 Floated and even a couple of OP1 guns. Gave up in the end and came back at OP4, only to get an OP4 Tactical on the first try. Each “run” takes a maximum of 30s: it takes much longer to Save/Quit/Reload than to kill KD.