Wacky PvP mode idea: Permadeathmatch

This isn’t a fully fleshed out idea yet, but I wanted to bounce it off people. What would you think about a team deathmatch type of mode where each character could only be used by a team once. If you are killed, you’d have to respawn as a different character.

Interesting? Awful? Go away and don’t come back?

I think there could be some interesting strategies in choosing which characters to employ when.

I’m thinking gear wouldn’t be used in this mode and there might even be no shards or buildables, but that’s totally up for discussion.


I didn’t understand at first and I was about to be like “no, get out”.

I get it. So your team only has 25 lives to start with. And you want to try to use your “I’m okay with, but don’t suck” characters first so you can have your really good characters at the end.

What about helix levels? Keep or discard? I’m thinking keep.

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Great question. I have no idea. Easy method would be no helix levels but everyone has ultimate. or something? Like I said, not fully fleshed out. Another option would be helix presets, with each character at x level as the game progresses, but that would be a bunch of work to setup.

Or maybe you just choose Helix options when you spawn (though that might be cumbersome)

I’d say you unlock helix points of which are consumables. You can spend it on a character and what’s left can be spent on other characters. I think to make it fair would be for everyone to pick 3 or 5 characters. No one teammate can use up all the lives that way

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I could get into this. Might be enjoyable and rewarding for those who don’t just play one or two characters.


Yeah, that would definitely be a consideration (one teammate dying 10 times). Though instead of pre-choosing characters, each person could simply have a fixed number of respawns.

I think the idea here would be for it to be kind of crazy fun and fairly fast-paced. Small arena. Having to pick helix options might slow things down too much, but I don’t know.

I think we’re slowly talking our way towards overwatch

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No, not at all, but I see where you are coming from.

I love that this game isn’t Overwatch. I love the helix and shards and objectives and love that this game ISN’T all about KDA. This was just a nutty idea I had and was curious what others thought.

I whole heartedly agree. And I think this idea would make people much more cautious.

But take out loadouts, helix options, and give people the option switch characters each death and you’ve reached overwatch lol. So I think you really want to hold onto what makes bb unique, mainly the helix in my opinion

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That’s fair. Maybe there’s a way to do it with the helix without it being too cumbersome. E,g, you spawn at level 5 or something. Might be doable?

I thought about having gear and letting people switch load outs when they spawn, but think that would give too large an advantage to more experienced players. Actually, there might be a solution for that. I’ve seen people asking for fixed loadouts for high-level competitive play. That could be an option here, too.

You bring up great points, though. Last thing I want to do is suck the soul out of the game.

Sounds kind of like Star Control 2’s PvP mode: You picked a roster of spaceships, and chose a new ship from that roster each time you were destroyed. There was strategy in picking your ship based on whatever the enemy was using when they killed you, and skill in that you actually had to know how to use each ship.

It worked really well, in my opinion.

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i like the idea of just 3v3 game mode with revives. everyone levels evenly at timed intervals. no objectives, no minions, no buildables. not really a fan of the whole switching thing though

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I like the train of thought here. How about, TDM no revives, 5 matches of 5v5. Each character can only be used once on each team, so each matchup is completely different (i.e. If miko is picked by someone on your team in the 1st round, he can’t be used in any subsequent round). Also have a time between games to put in helix options because everyone starts at lvl 10. Also, no gear. Much easier if you had a pre made, but I could still see this being fun.


Hey, that’s pretty cool. LDifferent than what I was thinking, but it could definitely work. Lqast man standing scores 1 point for that team, best of 5?

All you would need then is a way to keep things from going to long from turtling. Maybe 2 minute matches with tie being broken by comparing the lowest damage contributed by a surviving team member (high wins, so if someone was hiding the whole time they would lose the tie)?

If you had a one minute period before each round, it would take 15 minutes, max.

all good ideas, i just cant get into switching characters. goes against everything i believe in. the elimination game mode sounds sweet though

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And that’s totally cool. Not every mode has to be ideal for every player.

totally off topic, but i have been trying to find a stream right now that has the full version in another country or something. i could have swore i saw that the digital release was available at 12am on 5/3 everywhere. so whoever reaches 5/3 first, they are already playing. i want to know about the nerfs BAD

I figured they’d put everyone in a corridor, long and skinny area with very limited cover, that way it would be almost impossible to have a match over a couple minutes while still giving snipers/range something to work with.