Wacky / Unique "Bird Hunt" Style Mode Ideas?

This was inspired by an idea @skeksis_SYL had in another thread of mine.

He suggested an “all faction leader” event, or maybe “all Melee” where Attikus could truly shine.

@EdenSophia suggested an all random mode with everyone starting at level 10 with each player starting as a new random character at each respawn (although I also know she doesn’t like extra queues as it adds further player base division).

Please post your own ideas here, the wackier the better!


What about 5 weeks of a “Faction a Week” queue?

The Deande vs. Mellka wars, one side all mellka and the other deande.
mellkas just flying through the air while deandes are spamming full health clones.

It would be glorious


Faction wars - each team must pick characters from a single faction (Unique characters still on), factions, map, and mode are all randomized.

Random mode - each match selects completely random characters for everyone (can pick loadouts and skins etc.), along with 3 random tweaks to the game. These could be things like double damage, really short cooldowns, low gravity, friendly fire on, all explosions replaced with confetti, etc.


And cue boldur saying “begun the twin wars have!”


This ^
I´d really really love a Faction-related event as this :heart:


They said this isn’t or purposely wouldn’t be possible


Snowball fight for this winter. Everyone gets snowballs to throw (could be changed to dodgeball for summer)

We could get a simple square map with some basic cover and have a good old fashioned snowball fight for our favorite characters.

I wouldn’t ever expect this to be a thing but it’d definitely be wacky.



Like LucaBall from that game that shall remain nameless.

That was surprisingly fun!

Or like the volleyball from Tekken!

Man, I’d love to see a “Mario Tennis” type game with the cast of Battleborn!

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@Jythri and @joekgbx

Hoping to give you guys some ideas for future events!

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A mode where no one dies.

Cranky old ppl vs swaggity youngsters… I am not sure about their ages, just taking a wild guess

Old folks - Kleese, Ambra, WF, Boldur, Rath

Young peeps - Kid Ultra, S&A, Toby, Thorn, Phoebe


Low gravity, slow-motion (gameplay at about half speed), only characters with some form of jump boost or movement skill allowed, and the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme song plays constantly.


Replacing Rath with Ernest is all I got. Put Benny on the young team maybe?


“Daisy, Daisy…”

“My God, it’s full of stars!”



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Why would you replace Rath with Ernest? Rath is sustained, he’s young compared to the other sustained but still older than most of the cast. Ernest is just a bird. He’s probably around the same age as Whiskey?

Heck no. Whiskey is old for a clone, but he’s still really young by normal terms. Ernest I think is around 50-60 or so, so quite old. (although considering Toby is 46 I’m not sure.)

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So more like Ghalt then? Wasn’t he like 50-60? I’ve imagined them all to be in the late thirties early fifties range.

Not that any of them actually like… look old. But I guess thats The New Thing™ with game devs. “She’s 40 I swear she’s just using nano tech to look so se… Young!” :joy:

It’s like when me and my friends were young and used to write a bunch of stories with characters between 25-35 but all of them looked and acted like they were fifteen. This is the rise of Edgy Teenage OC’s.


Ghalt’s can be confirmed through lore (I don’t remember it exactly) but he’s about 43. It should be on Lowlines’s lore bible thingy somewhere.