Wacky / Unique "Bird Hunt" Style Mode Ideas?

It’s been 15 years since he tried to join the upr?

Yes, I’ll tag you in the thread where we went in to detail about it.

41, we’ve been over this.


Compared to the Jennerit Rath is still pretty old. 2,100 years old, Ambra is 12,000, Caldarius is around 200-300 years old, Deande is roughly 1,100 years old and Attikus’s age is unknown but he developed higher thought only 10 years ago.

That’s true, but he’s a sixth of Ambra’s age. Ernest is nearly or is the oldest UPR. And personality is a factor, wherein Ernest always acts like the other aviants acre immature and Ambra acts like everyone else is a child

Back on topic please :heart:

Here another thread to discuss the age of the Battleborn->

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I think a “Robots Only” Mode would be cool.

Except I don’t think there’d be enough for a full team!

Robots and cyborgs there fixed

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We’ve done some faction fights in the discord, and unfortunately some factions absolutely roast others.

its fun in the discord, but we also had fun in house with the bird hunt - i have a feeling pugs wouldnt like it though. :frowning:


So who would that give us as character choices?

Many of the Battleborn are cybernetically augmented in one way or another…

Maybe an Assassin’s Ball?

Healing / Support party?

Guys Only / Girls Only?

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Tank Terror!

Monty, Boldur, Gali, ISIC, Kleese, Gali, Shaurox, Kelvin…

Cyborgs are attikus, kleese, 6th jennerit battleborn, maybe rath, there are some more I need to look at

Whichever! I was close enough.

Back on topic: a mode which adds a constant visual effect making it look like your character is drunk? Decreased movement speed, heavily reduced accuracy but increased damage?


Grog nozzle Montana sounds gnarly


Dang, just imagine Toby. He’d do some crazy damage - IF you hit something.

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Hardcore mode for PvP: All medics are disabled (anyone that can heal someone other than him/herself, exception would be Galilea), the health pads at base don’t restore HP and health stations can only be built to level one.


FaceOff mode on ALL MAPS!


Do you mean everyone is Mellka? But with less damage?
I’d like a mode where the jump button is permanently pressed. Good luck sniping



That would be im-PRESS-ive LOL