Wacky / Unique "Bird Hunt" Style Mode Ideas?

I really hate when they turn off character uniqueness. I think that it would be cool to have a faction vs. faction matchup, where each team has to choose a character from only one faction.


Compared to their comrades, Rath is younger than Ernest. He always acts like Toby and Benedict are young and immature. He would rep the UPR

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How old is Attikus?

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Sentience may need to be considered as well

Also I SEE YOUR COMMENT IN THE CHAT BUT CAN’T ANSWER CUZ PSN. That’s why no one’s talking now

To put things back on topic, I think a “Thrall Rebellion” theme would be fun. One team is all Attikus, the other team is all Jennerit (except Attikus).

“Team Deathmatch.” All maps are available. No minions, Thrall, or varelsi spawn, and no buildables can be built. Most kills wins.

“Jennerit Fighting Pits.” All modes, can only choose Attikus or Caldarius.

“Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all” Incursion and Meltdown No minions, Thrall, or varelsi spawn. No buildables can be built. Most shards wins.


“Compared to their comrades”? What does this mean? Isn’t Rath about 1,400? How is Ernest older?

Comrades as in faction. Ambra is older than Rath. Ernest is older than Benny and maybe Ghalt and OM and Monty and probably all of the UPR
Wait, Gally
But that’s not part of her character
Ambra deems people childish
Kleese is an old man according to him
Boldur is a grandfather to Thorn
Whiskey Foxtrot calls OM young and dumb
Ernest is a mentor to Toby, acts like his fellow avian to are immature, and also acts like a grizzled vet
They all call out their relative oldness

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Ah well if you wan’t to go by that rule I guess.

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When was whiskey first fabricated

Is Marquis a Magnus?

Wasn’t he Phoebe’s Butler?

Were ISIC, Nova and Kid Ultra the only ones to come out of the shattering of the Magna Carta?

Or did Phoebe build Kid Ultra?

  1. Marquis is a Magnus.
  2. He was built to be Phoebe’s nanny and later butler.
  3. No, Marquis was also one of them.
  4. Phoebe designed KU to be a nanny to young children, but because the Magna Carta went silent, she was only able to build the prototype, which was KU.


So it’s been like 2 or 3 decades since the MC went silent?

Well pheobe was a kid when it happened, it should be noted that some did not go insane right away though

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There is a confirmed date for the silencing of the Magna Carta, it’s 19954. The events of Battleborn happen in 19958, so no, it’s only about 4 years (Codex Reckoning) since it went offline.

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I think Kid Ultra is right on the edge of potentially losing his sanity…he has one “on respawn” line that goes:

KILL KILL KILL!!! [computer resetting noises] Safety (maybe protection?) protocols re-engaged!


(Hey you changed your AVI cool!)

Ummmm but if Marquis helped raise Phoebe, and Marquis is a Magnus (therefore has part of the MC as his AI core), and Phoebe is…what…20, mid 20’s according to lore…doesn’t that mean that ISIC is the only Magnus (are there any other Magnuses, Magnii, whatever) and Marquis is just a stuck up cranky nanny AI turned Hobo Hunter?


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Flames, you told me that before man, also I finally heard him say it, apparently ISIC is right about him, also when are the devs gonna put more lines in for the other characters, I want kid ultra lines for ISIC, also I don’t think pendles says anything to benedict specific sadly

Marquis is a magnus, magnus are just ANY kind of robot that has gained sentience or given the capacity for it ISIC actually became a magnus years after he was made

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I have no idea. I’m going by Lowlines’s lore bible, assuming that Kleese’s “Slow, not dead” letter is sent at least close to the date of the Magna Carta’s actual termination.

Marquis is definitely a Magnus though, there is some dialogue in The Algorithm (if you play as him) where Kleese says he is one. Don’t remember the exact details.

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