Wacom tablet issues

This is something I was hoping would have been fixed in the remastered edition of HW1&2: the camera problems when using a Wacom tablet. What happens is that the absolute mouse positioning on the tablet is incorrectly interpreted as a relative motion, which causes the camera to spin out of control. This has actually affected all older Relic RTS games.

After using a tablet for years, I’m no longer really comfortable with using a mouse - hence my hope for a fix. Also, if you’ve ever tried it, a tablet works really great for strategy games.

A tablet for homeworld?
How does that work?
Don’t you need a keyboard to play and to issue commands?
But yeah, a fix for that mouse thing would be nice.
I thought that’s what they got rid of hardware cursor for. If not for that then why?

It’s a tablet + pen setup [http://assets.wacom.com/~/media/images/products/pen-tablets/intuos-pen/intuos-pen-2-g.jpg], so just like when using a mouse, you have one hand free for the keyboard.

Oh. So when you say tablet you mean like a mouse replacement.
Okay, so your problem is when you lift the pen off the surface and then touch it somewhere else on the surface it responds as if you dragged a mouse from here to there?

Lifting the pen and bringing it down elsewhere actually works fine - the cursor will jump from the earlier position to the new one. Dragging selection boxes around units is also not a problem.

It’s when you press and hold the right pen/mouse button in order to rotate the view that the camera spins out of control with even the smallest movement of the pen.

I’ve noticed something similar happens when you bring up the movement disc: drawing the initial circle on the XZ plane works correctly, but then holding down the pen to drag along the vertical (Y) axis causes the cursor to shoot off screen.

Seems like a calibration issue?

Seems most likely to be a funky interaction with how the game reads inputs and how the wacom sends them. The situations seem to consistently be ones that hide the cursor that make it go crazy, so situations where it doesn’t care anymore what the exact position of the cursor is, but rather it’s motion. So if the wacom handles that differently from a mouse, you could have problems. I’m not familiar with the nitty gritty of how the hardware handles that. Not a calibration issue though, I’d bet.

I got exactly the same issue with my Intuos 4 and Homeworld.
I stopped using a mouse since 5 years now…
The only solution is to go in the wacom pref and use the stylet like a mouse actually…