Waddup with hackers?!?

Is there going to be update to remove moded weapons and hackers on the game?

I feel like this is way easier said than done.

Probably considering this is a pve game where they just don’t care as deeply about moded items, etc since it doesn’t affect the gameplay loop outside of those that just want to cheat.

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its thier choice if they use the items though (player themselfs) as thats one reason why game is actually still going is because of said “items” as some people have had enough of farming for certain items with specific perks from boss due how terrible drop rates are and then also load screens as some people spend month for exact item they want with exact perks etc or give up as they never get 1 even after farming for many weeks with slow load screens, though there is some who still legit farm i guess out there but less people farm now since 2k wont fix drop rates on items to be balanced and also add in instant boss respawner which would help on loadscreen issue.