Wainwright missing from knotty peak in Sacked mission

Wainwright missing from knotty peak in Sacked mission

Clipped it here Wainwright Knotty Peak Sacked bug

Same thing happening to me and my bud!

me too…tried everything

Same here, just now.

Had the same prob since a couple days ago…but today when i got on i seleced the side mission from sanctuary then transport directly to knotty peak and wainright was there!

I am still having the problem with the go to Wainwright and it’s the sacked mission. Anything anyone know like to main people are in the Jacobs Manor.

I see many people have had this issue. I too have restarted my ps4. I have left that map and leveled a few levels on other planets and came back to no avail. I’ve even went and started another character and ran it up to level 20. Came back and he still isn’t there. We need an answer on this. 60$ game needs a fix.

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Has Gearbox bothered to answer anybody on this post?

Same issue PS4, haven’t found a fix. ![image|666x500] PS4

I am having exactly the same problem. You would think this would be solved by now.

P.S. Running PC platform.

I got tired of waiting and restarting the console. I left and completed some other missions and when I returned, Wainwright was actually there.

No real fix, but I finally finished the mission.


I am blocked by this exact issue on PS4.

I have updated B3 to the latest patch of 12/12/2019.

How can I make Wainwright appear for real ???


Anybody found a fix?

Yes, there is a fix.

I tried everything and even was waiting for the first DLC to fix that issue. I contacted the 2K support and they were basically totally unhelpful … asking me to reboot the PS4 or to re-install the game … seriously ???

So the fix is quite simple : you NEED to pass the Graveward boss. That is that simple and fixed the issue for me…

Now it is easier said than done … depending on your level you need to ramp up quite a bit and get better at everything before being able to defeat that boss.

Defeating that boss is also quite boring and not that interesting as it is super repetitive.

Then, you can enjoy the second part of that game …

Also, the final boss will be also very boring to defeat. All in all I feel the side missions bosses are much more interesting.


I’ve had the same issue. I restarted my ps4, went to another planet, tried completing other missions. Still nothing.