Wait...can NPC Jack kill enemies?

Idk what happened but I’m in UVHM with Athena. I sorta–well got knocked down…wasn’t paying to much attention at the first area. There was one enemie left and I had a very very accurate weapon lol he was one shot from dying so I thought why not really. I was inching myself towards him about to shoot him then–BOOM! he dies but not from me…NPC Jack came running past him after he died.


Idk what happened, he might have died from Jack or something else. It’s just can NPC Jack actually KILL enemies lol this was the first time I saw him do something like that.

Jacks used as stupid insurance if you take too long killing ppl in the starter area.

So he can kill something lol it’s just weird seeing him actually do it. It’s like seeing Brick in BL2 actually kill something when you follow him.

I hate it when the BL2 and TPS NPCS kill stuff when I’m down. If Borderlands 3 still does that, I hope they change the rules up a little.

Suggestions for BL3:

If you assisted in the damage of something that dies then you get out of FFYL.

If an NPC kills something near you, you get out of FFYL

NPCs should try to res you.