Wait...do Ambra's sunspots really not stack on heals?

Just read a post about this a bit ago, and it seems crazy to me…said that they both drain, but you don’t actually get the healing from both.
Has anyone actually tested this?



No idea, honestly. I’ve certainly seen beams from both. Great question.

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i’m inclined to believe this is true from my personal experience with Ambra. It seems that when i place down one sun spot or three in the same place they always seem to heal about the same 75% of my health bar that they always do. usually I like to stagger the sun spots in a small area but I never stand in any overlap between the circle.

BUT. Then i unlocked the level 12 mutation that lets you heal the sun spots and i have used that ever since.

Well, I tested it as best I could in a private story mission, and yeah, it seems to be true.

This just seems…odd. I’m not even sure if its intended or not.

On the one hand, Ambra is performing really well with the heals she already had; and if it was suddenly changed to work like it appears to, she would significantly increase her healing potential (not quite double, because keeping two sunspots up at all times mid-battle is nigh impossible) and throw her balance all out of whack.

On the other hand, all in-game feedback points to the opposite. The beams are coming towards you from both, both are draining. Outside of visual feedback, there’s a cap on amount of sunspots you can put out which you would think would be specifically for capping the amount of heals she can do to a single target at once.

This also makes the “sunspot spam” people have been complaining about turn out to actually have much less impact than everyone thinks, and it makes the +1 sunspot helix quite a bit more unattractive.

What really bothers me though, is a lack of in-game information. I’m tired of things not working like a reasonable person would assume them to with no indication to the contrary. It’s like Kleese’s Rift network, which also doesn’t work like you’d assume from the actual description.

I’d think, at the very least, not having the sunspot that is doing nothing drain would be pretty reasonable, or maybe a second sunspot bumps up the heal rate by a reduced amount - 50% or so?

Is there any way we could get a dev to comment on whether this is intended or not?

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Yup, that would be good.

Would you mind pinging grant? I believe his name is. I forget their tags. Also @Jythri and @joekgbx

@gRANT_ can you tell us if it is intended that two sunspots can’t heal a target at the same time? If that is correct, any way to stop them from draining with no effect?

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Nothing on this one, eh?

It’s actually changed the way I play. I was dropping em as soon as I could, but now I’m a bit more reserved, knowing that it really doesn’t help as much as I thought it would. Its kinda frustrating.

It doesn’t really effect the way I play anyway. Early game I usually drop a SS back in the lane so there’s fall back healing and then use my remaining SS offensively. Once you hit level 3 and can charge your SS why would you ever need to be healed by more than one at a time? I’m fairly certain they stack on damage which I think is more important than stacking on heals. That’s just my opinion though.

You would want to be healed by more than one in a fight, of course.

What fight wouldn’t you want more healing in?

Even besides that, the point is its still draining if it’s in range. So if you’re dropping spots in melee combat like the new cool down seems to encourage, half of their life is going to waste because they aren’t doing anything.

I kinda feel like the sunspots not stacking is fine considering how insanely quick you can just drop them. Even if you take the ranged staff attack at 7 you can still pump out sunspots every 6 seconds at 8 which is still nuts for an ambra that can sustain her own spots. Just drop a spot to heal allies that you can keep alive and pump our an offensive spot in between fireball shots.

Honestly this info makes me feel better about playing with ambra now

These. I don’t think I’ve ever dropped two sunspots for healing. I always drop one sort of hidden for healing and keep it healed, while dropping another one on the enemy to increase the damage they take.

I drop sunspots every single time they’re up, and since Im always in melee, thats every 3-4 seconds.

What else is her new passive for?

Usually I have the one fall back SS and one I use offensively. The offensive SS usually doesn’t hang around to long due to damaging multiple enemies. A few stabby stabbies and I’m ready to drop a new offensive sunspot. Rinse and repeat. That’s how I use the passive ability.

It would make sense if the healing was capped to the amount healed by one Subspot but the pair of Sunspots drained at half the speed they normally would. That would mean you couldn’t stack healing but the Sunspots wouldn’t pop instantly when your team/minions approach them.