Wait...do we really have to deal with ghosts for another month?

According to this (https://progameguides.com/borderlands/bl3-bloody-harvest-event/) article the Bloody Harvest event ends December 5th.

I seriously dislike this event as the loot is bad (I don’t want to deal with terror, it’s not fun and when the ghosts are gone the anointed weapons will be extra useless) and doing Trials and Circles of Slaughter are made more frustrating because there are now more enemies and a near constant minus to Handling and Accuracy.

They should at least only put in ghosts when you are actively going for the quests.

I really really love this game but I’m having less fun with these dumb ghosts everywhere.


it will not be useless, there are 2 terror generating items, 1 is n Action Skill End, apply Terror to yourself every 5 seconds for the next 18 seconds; and 2 is Melee Attacks have a 25% chance to apply Terror to yourself. (works for facepuncher).

you can have 3 terror items that you can mix and match (shield, grenade, weapon). Some terror anointments are actually good like the ammo regen (infinite ammo builds/tediore builds), health regen (survivability), 50% cryo damage (works on everything, action skills, grenade, weapons).


That would be okay if having high terror wasn’t just annoying. If, for the loot to be useful, you have to constantly have a green aura and huge penalties to Accuracy and Handling then I stand by my assessment that they are useless.


It is not consistent but findings is weapons which are getting any sort of buff out of terror are immune to the debuff, even if they don’t have a terror anointment.

Terror is pretty awesome. Just try it out and you may be a little more jazzed up about the event. I was a little bummed out at first by all the terror drops and they may still get in the way at times but I’d recommend you farm some terror gear while you can. Terror gear may be something a lot of people regret not farming or saving later.

The ghosts weren’t bothering me much before, but they’ve started to wear out their welcome with me. They’re making my lowbie solo life a bit hellish. The Terror effect is very annoying even disregarding any debuffs. I haven’t even considered any regular Anointed gear for a build yet, but even if I were that deep I wouldn’t want to intentionally inflict Terror on myself.

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I don’t think they factored in that some people don’t care about terror. It should work like anarchy stacks with massive damage increase and you shouldn’t have to stack gear, then maybe it’d be fun.

If the event doesn’t return annually, then terror will only get phased out when level cap is increased anyways.

Not arguing against its usefulness at all, just saying I hope folks don’t let it bother them if they don’t get the perfect terror gear this time around. Just try and enjoy it so you can see if it’s worth actually farming for should it return.

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I’m probably just going to hold off playing BL 3 until the event ends now.

I started a new character when the event first started (moze), which wasn’t too bad, because Terror was actually helping her to one shot enemies. After I beat the game with her, and started up another new character (Amara), I found the whole halloween event to be tireseome, and in the end, it just ended up hindering me, more than helping me out.

This is especially true when I’m trying to do boss fights, or farm for items, having the ghosts constantly damage me, almost forcing me to go down, every so often.

The people behind this event, really didn’t think this through, at least not to the point where they’d make this event ongoing for a month and a half-ish.

Can’t say I blame them though, it’s probably their way of saying, “Now you have something to do, until we release the Xmas content”.

Kind of a terrible start to Borderlands 3 event content in my opinion.

Such is life though. At least we have Pokemon Sword/Shield coming out soon, so we can attempt to forget this horrible, horrible, event, and try to put it behind us.


The only boss fight I’ve encountered with ghosts is in heck… Are y’all talking about farming rare spawns because bosses (and their adds) don’t have ghosts in any of the times I’ve played them?

But isn’t it possible that Gearbox just turns the Terror mechanic off at the end of the event, and those items that ‘apply terror to self’ just won’t do anything until next Halloween? It seems like a lot of streamers and content creators have jumped to the conclusion that the terror mechanic will remain after the event based on the wording of those 2 anoints, but I don’t think Gearbox has confirmed that, have they? I really hope it isn’t a permanent addition to the game…I know I personally don’t want to see these ghosts anywhere after the 12/5.

I’ve ran into ghosts during boss fights, so it’s happened for me too, at least. And it’s a real pain when the boss is already hard enough as it is.

I just hope they dont even think about leaving legacy items in the game, that would be a terrible decision.