WAIT....Flakker and Swordsplosion can B0re?

I was reading the top gear thread and this threw me…True?

How on earth with the Flakker and the swords from the Swordsplosion???

Also…while some consider this “cheap” Flakker/Ahab is an excellent and quick way to farm on the Commando.

I frankly have never understood the upturned noses…it’s a game mechanic readily available and people use the “swap to a different weapon before the bullets strike” all the time:
Shoot DPUH, switch to Grog for healing
Shoot Sandhawk, switch to LadyFist
The list goes on…

But I digress…

With Zer0’s Fast Hands skill, Flakker/Ahab swapping should be quite effective.

Anybody try it or use it?

1st point: I think what people dislike about this is that it’s an unintentional game mechanics. Yes it works…but it …shouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue: . Or to put it another way, it snaps the suspension of disbelieve.

2nd point: No I never tried it, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work as well with Zero as with Axton.
If you intend to exploit Bore, maybe try the Twister. The Twister’s pattern is ludicrously good with Bore as it is, and it is slow enough to swap to a RL easily :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it actually works, but it’s worth a try :slight_smile:

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And to be frank…and very clear…

I only use Flakker Ahab for farming…I never use it in “real gameplay” nor with friends when co-oping. I also use the double shot trick from time to time while farming but again not for regular gameplay. I guess that is how I “justify” it’s use.

But I also farm for my gear instead of using “the software.” So I like to speed things up in farming, at least a little bit.

I understand about unintentional exploiting of game mechanics but it seems to me that we can can call it like it is…or dance around…saying things like “well…you can do this because it’s not that powerful” or “It’s OK because it only heals.” etc. etc.

But in the end…it’s just splitting hairs and all the splitting of hairs has always confused me.

For instance…it is perfectly fine for a person to heal themselves with a DPUH Grog swap…you see it in the Raid Time Trial Vids all the time.

And people use the BeeHawk/LadyFist swap in those same Time Trial Vids…and that is “OK”…

Yet other times…using the exact same method of swapping is not.

I’m not on a soapbox about this…I actually could care less. And what other people do in their own games is no business of mine.

Except I find this so curious. If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and LOOKS like a duck…it’s a DUCK!

I will try it out and let folks know when I have a chance. I still owe folks some info on that scopes test I screwed up so badly…


OK…I have seen some vids on the Swordsplosion absolutely B0ring…

But the Flakker…

How is that even possible with the air bursts??

That is a good question… it doesn’t really seem like the explosions travel from one point to another: more like they just start exploding out of thin air in that pattern. If the shot actually travels (like a longbow or something), but B0re considers enemies encountered in mid-flight for B0re (even though it doesn’t really hit them), it would pick up the damage bonus from B0re upon detonation at the second enemy?

It could also be a mallard- not that I could tell the difference anyway…:grinning:

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The rules for Time Trials is at the discretion of the organizer(s) and exist solely to make Time Trials an interesting competition. It is in no way meant to be taken as some guideline or dictate on how the game should be played outside of TT. TT defines its own ducks for the purpose of TT.


You’d be surprised at what’ll work; I b0red Hyperius with a Thunderball Fists one time.



And nothing but props to the guys who keep that thread alive…even now. The work! I can’t even imagine. Heck…I participated in it as well and still hold a few of the Commando slots at 80.

But I slightly disagree with you in a sense that “they do their own thing” because I think there is an implication as to what is “sporting” from the rules…at least to me. And the TT competition has always been a “trend setter” thread…very popular and inhabited by many good players.

It’s just always struck me as a curious thing…no big deal.

But my wife says I’m an odd “duck” anyway…so there is that.

Everyone draws the line in different places according to their own mores. I don’t believe the game was designed around dashboarding in order to farm a more desirable quest reward, for example, but I don’t hear a lot of people calling foul for that behavior. Similarly, I think weapon swapping for damage wasn’t included by design, but I do hear some people call that foul.

Since Moxxi weapons are, by design, meant to heal you for damage done, weapon swapping to take advantage of this isn’t considered an issue. Therefore: were rocket launchers (or the Flakker) designed to transfer damage in the manner that they do? I think that’s the difference here.

The Evil Smasher power up was not designed to be transferred to other weapons. Amp damage was not designed to be undivided among the pellets. Those were both patched out. Would they fix the Flakker swap if they could? (Note: this is a rhetorical question: the real question is, “is that behavior intentional”, as this seems to be the line across which many players define legitimacy).

Seriously though… the Flakker B0ring is way more interesting, since I don’t understand the mechanic behind how it works. If we learn this mechanic, we may be able to better use that weapon.



The SwordSplosion is just…Soooooo Good on Zer0

Got a Casual version on the 5th try for my new Zer0 and just tried it out…

I think it’s even BETTER on him then Axton…and that is saying a BUNCH!

Not only all the carpet bombing splash wonderfulness…add in Crits and it B0res…and all the supplementary explosions from the child Swords/grenades seem to be able to do the same.

How?? I have no clue but GOLLLY it hits HARD!

I have play tested a bunch of mods and guys…I think an Explosive Zer0 for non sniper-non melee play is absolutely the best in a total Free-For-All with all different kinds of enemies with all different kinds of resistances.

Explosive basically works on everything and unless you want to change weapons and BoAs to match enemies a lot…An Explosive Damage Relic just takes his DPS to the next level.

You give up some cooldown but the way the DPUH and SwordSplosion KILL so fast with a Chaotic Neutral Rogue…it is TOTALLY worth it!!

You should see it on Krieg

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I’ll see your Kreig and raise you Gaige.

The “Close Enough” homing factor makes it DEADLY, especially in areas with cover. You bounce the main shot off of anything and it seeks the baddie out and peppers him with explosions.


Flakker/Ahab works exceptionally well on Zer0!

Fast Hands must be specced to 5/5 or greater…you may have to go with a Legendary Hunter for 6/5 or 7/5 if your Ahab isnt swapping fast enough.

It just lays waste once you get the range down (about 40 game meters).

Do not spec Velocity or Precision

TwoFang works great with it.

A consideration when you want to do some quick farming. It’s about as OP as it gets for low ammo consumption and cost.

Tried Flakker/Ahab on Hyperious and got NADA! It was terrible on him and this business about Flakker B0ring. BALONEY…I did not see ANY evidence.

DPUH and Twister just B0red the crap out of him though…

[quote=“johnrr6, post:14, topic:1556234”]Precision[/quote]Does that tighten the Flakker shot pattern? Even a little could make a big difference.

Check this video out about b0ring with Flakker.

It appears to be possible, but not something I’d try to take advantage of outside of maybe BNK3R (in which case, it’s just fun to hammer him with the Flakker anyway: B0re would just be a fun surprise).

Yes, exactly.
It will be more interesting to try the effect of Precisi0n on the Flakker.

Bore and it’s brethren skills don’t actually make your bullet go through the target. It creates a new bullet where the first one would have been if it dit. That means that any gun that spawns extra stuff on impact does so as many times as it hits a target. That makes the Swordsplosion and Pimpernel (for example) really good with character that have those skills (Maya’s chain reaction and Gaige’s Nth degree work that way too)

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The vid shows it can be done, thanks!..but it’s probably the worst at B0Ring of MANY guns.

Goth died a ton and said he hated the entire experience…

I also aim my Flak pattern slightly ABOVE a target which seems to work best for “normal” use…at least to me

And I think by doing that…I was not hitting the hit boxes direct on…hence no B0re.

But who needs a Flakker for B0ring anyway if you have a Twister…LOL

That thing is a MONSTER against Hyperious.

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