Wait for a full party

Now that adv matchmaking is in, i would really like to see an option to opt in to waiting for a full group for any multiplayer campaigns. Alot of times my gf and i que as a duo and get stuck with 1 person and thats it… which really isnt to much of a change from duo

Edit: Also i wouldn’t mind some form of restriction on adv public like needing to complete the story in normal first (Please correct me if this is already in) Because we got grouped with a level 4 in advance and im fairly confidant you couldn’t of completed the story and still be level 4.

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I noticed this too. It’s perfectly fine with letting you attempt to 2 man advanced

one thing i wonder, does it matter if you start with 5 but then several people drop on the character select screen? it feels like it scales for 5 but then if we only play with 2 its much much harder because it doesnt adjust back. i cant confirm this it just seems that way.

I regularly see people disconnect during hero selection or even later during mission, but never experience difficulty rise.

I think we definitely need the option to wait for a full group. It’s far too easy for somebody who wants to be in a full group to just quit and join a new game. For whatever reason they allow people to opt out of playing in a game that already exists.

I think we should also be allowed to fill holes where somebody has disconnected along with the ability to kick players who go AFK and those players who fill should be able to get the same rewards for having filled in when needed.