Wait i cant travel to dlc if im not online? Pc. Seriously what the Hell!

So one reason i liked bl2 and i hate destiny and other games is you have to be online all the damn time.

I had some luck farming offline so i wanted to head to dlc2… And look. W t …

This is NOT OK. With me… If i knew this i would never have bought the game. First mayhem bugs now i cant enjoy dlc offline?!

Edit: i learned this is a epic games store only version

I play in offline mode all the time and have no problems using the DLC. You might need to go online long enough to DL the hotfixes then go back offline and see if that fixes it.

Steam; offline DLC works as expected.

Epic launcher: (last I checked) DLC offline DOES NOT WORK! If you’re on EGL, please submit a support ticket demanding that ALL of the game you paid for be played offline

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Thankyou thats how it is. Egl is the inferior version… Go figure

Update: Epic Game Launcher (current/up to date version) still does not allow DLC access while offline.

From the .log file: Version: 10.15.8-13179977+++Portal+Release-Live