Wait, is Amara weak now?

I jumped on Moze and this game is insanely easy on mr10.

Switched to Flak and still pretty easy.

Switched to Amara and… everything takes forever to kill. I’m geared out of my mind using the meta weapons, ties that bind, phazezerker.

None of my Moze gear is optimized but I’m shredding everything on mr10.

Are others finding Amara to be pretty weak?

I always use the most neutral, least annoying modifiers, so that’s not it.

Edit: okay, Amara is still strong. Got it - loud and clear. Moze with mindsweeper and a flipper is more powerful than anything I can do with Amara, though.

But I’ve never run around fake-grasping and dot’ing myself because that’s not a fun way to play for me.


i think you may be doing something wrong. Amara is still probably the strongest VH out of all of them currently


If Mr. 10 is too hard maybe try Ms. 10.


I main Amara and she’s stronger, for me, than prior to the last patch. Add in a Com with +36 action skill damage and she shreds even more.

You must be doing something wrong. Amara has consistently been the strongest VH in BL3, and now her Phasecast and Phaseslams can lead to her 1-shotting or 2-shotting bosses. Her Phasegrasp ricochet builds are still top-tier.

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Yepz Amara is still top vh for me. With the latest patch she is much stronger than she used to be so not sure what happened

Amara’s still good. The other vhs (moreso Moze) just became less gear-dependent. Amara’s damage requires a bit more nuance, while Moze can literally just summon iron bear and start blowing ishh up.

Amara is best mobbing character but weakest bossing. I think she’s the strongest overall, but moze and zane might be on top with latest patch/hotfix.


Her up to phasecast might make her better at bossing though.

Moze is also pretty bad at bossing depending on her build since quite a few of her skill either rely on hitting multiple enemies, or killing them to keep stacks up

Overall I’ve played a Facepuncher amara and I’ve wrecked everything in a few shot.

Amara has unlocked even more broken levels of easy mode with the latest patch. Who needs to even aim with previously broken as can be ASE stacked Recursion when you can just fakegrasp and shoot the air with the Complex Root?

Even an unskilled brand new player can wreck with Amara. She is “easy mode” for BL3. Her fake grasping for ASE procs and the only VH GB will allow to have 300% damage anointments without nerfs make her the easiest VH in Borderlands history.


Yeah something must be off with your build or gear choice somewhere, Amara got even dumber after last weeks patch.

Out of interest any other console players (PS4 here) finding appalling slowdown and performance when using particularly the root, reflux and proprietary license? Both are turning the game into slide shows and producing a most unpleasant noise from the console/speakers.



I play on PC and although I dont use the Root, Reflux or Prop License, I did notice stuttering and audio issues when I was using the Beacon. I swapped back to a Monarch and it seemed to go back to normal.
Must be something with the new dlc gear but I havent noticed the screen studders when using a Flipper … weird.

I should have mentioned it’s specifically with ttb. I guess it’s just a butt-ton of maths for the game to process as all those weapons have multiple projectiles/reflections etc just like the recursion - the license in particular has a lot going on with it.

The slowdown is familiar, the noise like a wrench being thrown through an electric fan is kinda new.

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Yeah, i get the same when i spam large groups with bonus elemental stacked brainstormer on moze.

All the extra projectiles and calculations are a bit to much for the potato 4

Agreed. I’m just hoping the noise is from from actual game sound overlapping (like bore was) and not the actual PS4 box dying horribly.

Back on topic - it’s hard to say without a complete rundown of your skills and gear but try putting a root or license on with ttb - it’s the most obnoxiously broken thing so far I think, enjoy it before the dlc is a few weeks old and all it’s gear gets gutted in preparation for the next one. Just don’t spec into splash damage too much with the root or it will kill you as often as the enemies.

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Stop there. You are doing something wrong.

Moze isn’t better, IB is. Moze is still the weakest VH with a powerful AS.
Amara is LEAGUES above not only Moze but IB as well, and this hasn’t changed at all during this last months.

Well Fire in the Skag Den and Short fuse both do x7 the damage stated due to now scaling with Mayhem, so yes Moze herself has improved.


This. Moze is a lot more powerful outside of IB now too - you would just never know it from reading the patch notes or in game descriptions.

Still needs better thought out sustain.

I did an oopsie-doodle here, you are right. I totally did not think of short fuse, and I wasn’t aware of the boost of FitSD. Can’t deny that yes, at least SF feels more powerful now.

Still, nowhere to be near amara’s level.