Wait, is Amara weak now?

I wouldn’t be too concerned, my computer that runs the game rather well on Ultra (…I didn’t see Badass as a setting after the latest patch, sadmaking) does this really wild B0re esque sound when too much happens at once as well. Safe to assume it’s probably the game trying to apply all the proper sounds and getting absolutely lost in the sauce of it all.

amara bossing should still be pretty good , all 3 AS can proc ase easily and survivability is salvador level face tanking

You really don’t need survival through Sustainment or Soul Sap or any other form of health regen. I play with a deathless build and just rely on ffyl as my get out of jail free card. All my skill tree points and gear are set for maximum damage (Crysis anyone?). So I use the 150/50 urad anointment with ase on my nades and shields. Amara can kill so quickly, that health regen isn’t needed.

Use Amaras good class mod.

Just as op as everyone else

The Phasezerker is her best COM.

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I’m on PC but can confirm that the License can cause major slowdown when I spam it, I previously only knew such issues from the Recursion. Once it went down to some 0.5 fps or so (down from relatively stable 60fps). No issues with Root though and I haven’t tried a Reflux.

I haven’t had issues with those guns, but my game was doing little microfreezes last night.

Playing with my Amara co-op, and a a combination of TTB and Ploot-Bear (Specialist + double nukes) was making the game skip while it calculated damage.

By the by, for the math folks, there is apparently an interaction there. Because I was hitting for ~13M on the grasped enemy, but couldn’t see the damage on the tied baddies. Co-op reported ~300M damage to them.

Maybe the game was counting my nukes on the grasped enemy as my co-op’s damage then running it through Amara’s multipliers?

Whatever happened, it was fun.

I’m just mad the missed fist over matters damage scale increase. It really should be the most powerful version of Amara action skill

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still one shotting enemies with ties that bind that skill alone should carry you