Wait, so she's an Explosive specialist?

I’m reading people saying to use Torgue weapons? I thought she was Cryo?

Cryo boosts explosive damage. She doesn’t need to be the best explosive character for people to enjoy using explosives on her.

Awwwwesome. I’m in the habit of using Explosives across the board thanks to BL2, been trying to break it to use the skills of the TPS characters, but now I know I can use a Spitter again.

I would use a 3 Way Hulk but for whatever reason I’ve only ever seen like 2 drop in the entirety of playing TPS. Too OP I guess.

Just be aware that bullet speed skills make weapons like the torguemada and flakker behave differently. I’m not sure the details as I don’t usually use explosives (I know, I’m terrible), but i’ve seen it mentioned.

I have been giving her my explosive weapons… she has enough skill-based freeze action that I don’t need to use cryo weapons to freeze stuff, and as was mentioned above, frozen enemies are sensitive to explosive damage. Mainly, I’m using the Jack-o’-Cannon (for fun), Hulk (for damage), a Fragnum (for other ammo use), a Nukem (for getting out of FFYL), and some burly Jakobs sniper rifle (because her sniper tree is quite fun).

Where’s my Cobra when I need it?


All of this post.

As for Torguemada and Flakker, Only the Best causes the extra projectiles to spawn reeeeeeeeeally far away from where they normally would.

So you can either avoid that skill, or avoid those guns. For pretty much every other Explosive weapon, that skill is awesome since their bullets usually fly slowly.

DankRafft’s build has a really good non-sniper spec that would be perfect for Explosive weaponry other than Flakker and Torguemada.

I recommend Shotguns: Casual Bangstick, or Casual Pounder if you’re feeling the double barrel. In my opinion the larger barrels are not worth the ammo consumption. Especially not with Long-Range Killer, where distance = damage and accuracy is very important.