Wait time confusion

I’d appreciate if GBX would change the “Estimated Wait” to actually reflect the estimated wait. I have never seen anything but
Estimated wait: Short
When I have waited longer than half an hour sometimes to get into a match. Until tonight actually I have rarely had to wait longer than a minute or two, but even in those rare cases that I actually have to wait a long period of time it says “Estimated Wait: Short”.

Normally when I close out the game and restart it, I get into a match right away. When this doesn’t work I know that the wait is actually long and just wait until the game picks up some people.

Tonight however it’s actually causing a problem, I have restarted the game twice (on Xbox) and the wait is still MUCH longer than my normal wait, I wish it told me what the actual estimated wait was so I knew if it was a glitch on my side like it sometimes is, or if the news of the (horrible idea of) micro transactions actually managed to kill the Xbox player base that quickly.

Yeah I feel as though it’s like the buttons at crosswalks or the “close door” buttons on elevators, the ETAs are just a placebo effect.

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