Wait until people start unlocking Ghalt!

Just unlocked Ghalt and holy crap is he powerful. Maybe too powerful. Throw the scraptrap, hook an enemy player into it and kill them with the shotgun. This combo kills pretty much all non tank characters if you can hit crits; and they are stunned standing still bowing their heads so it’s pretty easy. This combo all depends on your ability to land the hook, which is awfully familiar to Gali’s main combo with the shield, but the hook brings them close to you.

He is super fun to play! And I’m not calling for a nerf, etc. but once a lot of people start playing him I can see it getting out of hand in PVP.

Wondering if anyone else has unlocked him and gave him a spin in PVP and have thoughts on how good he is?

I’m guessing he’s going to be nerfed before most people can actually unlock him. Two certain augments paired together completely breaks his shotgun damage and practically makes him a sniper. That said, even without that combo he’s really good- the scraptrap setup potential is amazing and he’s got a well-rounded kit overall.

My brother uses Ghalt a lot. Did during the beta as well.
Comparing Ghalt to Galilea, Ghalt doesn’t even come close to being strong.

You still need to be somewhat skilled to play Ghalt. You have to be able to hook into your trap. You need to know who to hook etc. If you get too close, he’ll do a lot of damage.

If you stay back out of his hook, you’re fine. Move in as a Rath for a knock up, you’re fine.

I haven’t played Ghalt myself, just from what I’ve seen.

And Ghalt can’t take on multiple enemies at once and walk away. lol

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what may those be, the augments?

The shooting both barrels simultaneously, and the slug shot. So he does all his spread in a single bullet, that is basically doubled in damage. With tac rounds on the last 2 shots you’re capable of 600+ damage per shot

I see, I played him for 2-3 matches only yesterday. I may say that I’m used to pull things from other games cough cough, and since most of the enemies haven’t seen a ghalt in action it was hilarious.

Hey there, Marquis on the ledge, welcome inside scraptrap hook

I went for more pellets and slow, CC was important in those games. Let’s see how it will compare :smiley:

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I only need 5 games with ghalt to finish my mellka lore, so bring out all of the ghalts!

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I have been trying to unlock him before he gets nerfed, lol. I played him in the beta and he was amazing! So many peeps are going to start crying rivers filled with tears once more peeps unlock him.

I heard he already got nerfed between beta and release

He was already nerfed on launch with ambra again I think his shotgun does either 15% or 25% reduced damage I would have to find the patch notes to be for sure which number it is but its one of those 2 numbers.

In beta I plaid him alot. With those helix choices critical hit at end levels was able to crit 1990 dmg and It was ridiculously powerful. Ofcourse It needs skill to pull those crits, but instakilling weaker peeps was just abit over the top :smile:

Yeah…a 13% damage nerf…after having that damage buffed by 50% and attack speed buffed by 18%.

I havent fought as or against yet so I cant speak from experience…but considering how hilarously OP his Shotty was in Beta after that buff? I highly doubt 13% is even a spit in the bucket for him lol.

That said, you can put him down pretty easily as hes not tanky…cut the range down on that mutation so youre not sniping from 100 “feet” and maybe he’ll be in a good place

Yeah maybe so. Once you get that augment its crazy how much range he has, which he probably shouldn’t. He is so good against marquis, Benedict, etc. Any character that camps or has super high agility is easily dealt with if you hook em. Love it

I really don’t understand how anyone could get silver on all advanced missions unless you know 4 other really good players. By the time I hit 40 I’ll be too bored to even play him more than a game or two

I’ve been using him non stop for the last day and I didn’t even know about this broken combo. I think he’ll still be very good even if they nerf that.

I got silver on most of them solo. The key is to get the yellow bonus credit balls in between boss phases. Anytime a boss goes to another phase he will drop these. And sometimes they’ll drop from other things. Make sure to get all of them quick because they disappear, open all chests, and kill all enemies. And that’ll get you silver on most

At the rate I’m going, it will be a long time before I unlock him.

Sure he’ll be nerfed before I get him.

As soon as advanced matchmaking is implemented I’ll go for him and Deande. Running solo doesn’t sound fun and I don’t have any friends who play this to run private matches.

Yeah they are both super cool. Deande is good too and it’s hilarious to watch people attacking your clones when your just hitting them in the back the whole time.

You don’t have to be a tank to survive it. I play several non-tanky heroes and I’ve rarely died to Ghalt unless he has help. One of the most underrated skills that everyone has and not many use is the default melee attack. It does a knockback with no diminishing returns from what I can see but someone can prove me wrong.