Wait, we only have Quick Match and Bots Battle now?

If we really can’t do three queues with bot battles on the side (or preferably under pve because let’s face it, that’s what it is) , can we just go back to Quick Match (Capture, Meltdown, Face Off) and give Incursion back its own dedicated queue?


You’re the second topic concerning this issue. This is the second time they have done this, why I will never know.

I realize there are other topics about giving Incursion back its own queue. But that was when there was still the Draft queue and (temporarily) the Big Head one. Now we are back down to only two and one of them is a PVE queue. So realistically we only have one pvp queue now. I thought when they rotated a list out, they’d rotate something else in? This just exacerbates every single problem people have with matchmaking tenfold

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They did this type of matchmaking decision before the winter update and it was just as confusing and as bad as now. Only there wasn’t the bot battle in the other choice, it was only Quickplay. Seriously I don’t understand why they would do this again, it literally caused players I knew to not even play the game until the lobbies were put back.

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All I really want to play is incursion


Leave bot battle, is for pve players.

Pvp players wont touch pvb unless they have only 5 mins to play.

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