Wait... why is that a thing?

There are countless of threads about this subject. If you read some of them then maybe you could understand the reasons why surrender is ok and allowed in this game. To summarize it for you, it all comes down to having fun, if your team is getting stomped by a large margin and you find that to be boring then chances are your team will surrender or “commit” to a non-competitive matchup for the experience points/lore etc. Also, a lot of veterans and exclusive pvp players find exp, loot packs and all such pve rewards to be insignificant in a pvp match.

Matchmaking needs to be fixed, then you’ll see a drop in surrenders. Commander level needs to be made visible so people can have a modicum of control over the relative skill level of the opposition. The waiting period is bad at certain times, but I cant have a lot of sympathy for a dude waiting 3 hours for a match. These game play changes since patch are very harsh on rookies in a game where there’s already a lot going on. Gearbox is crashing this game.

Because up until the recent changes to certain AI components that are ■■■■■■■■. You surrendered because no random pubbies could push a game out before time ended. Half the time the enemy team would also sit and just feed off of you.

That is why you surrendered. Any group that was good could knock a game out in 4-15m, if and only if, they didn’t eat your team alive to pad their K/D’s.

Because you can tell it’ll be a long battle, and it won’t be fun and you’ll lose. Notnimmediately, but it’ll be obvious and run the whole match. Or when you take the wrong build, like El Dragõn without the clap or Reyna with flawed reload speed gear

because when your down a player and getting stomped I’m just not having fun. why would I waste 15 minutes of my life for very little exp when I could be having fun? I’d rather surrender, let the other team take the win then move on to a different match that isnt aggravating and going to give me a brain aneurysm due to stress.

One of the match’s I was in with peeps here got surrendered because two of the discord mods knew the other premade team had several known hackers on it.
Pretty sad when these hackers return, even sadder when all you can do is leave.

I play on xbone and i can confirm that this games player base is still pretty vast on console

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I started playing more incursion because the quality of matches in Meltdown has decreased with no ELO in quick match. I got to say that many people in incursion have no fighting spirit, I had so many matches where we were tied at 100 or losing/winning by a few point and still a surrender. No level gap and no stomping. It just seems like players think that unless they are winning in a landslide the match isn’t worth playing.


Since beta.

I sometimes have to wait sketchy amounts of time for matches but not often and usually only super early in the morning / very late at night.

I play most evenings for a few hours as well as some weekday afternoons for a few hiurs between school.

Weekends I play damn near non stop.

I rarely encounter the same plsyers multiple times and there definitely are many fresh and new players, as well as plenty of say 40 to 90s.

There are definitely still lots of stompers out there but there definitely also seem to be many new players willing to test their mettle and challenge them.

When people will somehow realize that stats don’t freakin’ matter - then everything will change. But that’s not gonna happen. Ever. Sadly.

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It’s always been fairly common in Incursion, but since they’ve hidden the CR rank it’s near every game. That’s not an exaggeration, nearly every game I play in incursion ends in surrender one way or the other as someone quits or a sentry goes down.

It’s just the mentality of the game type. Even with the minion increases Incursion games are by far the longest. It’s an investment of time and not many people want to put in that kind of time for a lost cause or be farmed for kills. Not when they can just re-queue and try for a better matchup. Now that people can’t tell if their up against a team or scrubs, once the game turns they just assume it’s a lost cause because they have no reference for the quality of the other team. And before you say it, more people pay attention to titles and rank than skill. Would that it were otherwise, but that’s how it is.

I knew this was going to happen when CR hiding was announced, but gearbox opted for quantity over quality and this is the result for Incursion.

What type of stats are you referring to? I must have missed a post from someone mentioning player’s stats. If you mean player’s level then I would partially disagree with you.

I was talking about K/D ratio or Win/Loss ratio and stuff like that. That’s why people surrender so early and don’t want to try to grind out the win.

I say we get rid of the surrender option. Why lose out on both in-game experience and experience on how to fight back against tougher opponents? It doesn’t make sense.

Because some games are complete stomps do to bad match making and it’s not a fun experience. Sadly surrender is abused to much.

Yep, agree with you both 100%. I only played incursion and the nondisplay of rank makes for a 5-10 minutes match surrender every time. You’re right too, in some cases the game is tied and morons still try to surrender. Why bother?

Bump? I wonder if anyone else has anything to say to this :slight_smile: It’s still a confusing thing, you wait so long only to bitch out cause your opponents are better then you?

As someone who has missed out on countless potential games that ended due to surrendering (both my team and the enemy team), i can safely say that i don’t much care for the surrender option.

However, despite its abuse, i can also see why it should probably stay, as no one likes to be stomped; and there are Pee-LENTY of lobbies i’ve been in where either my team or the enemy team continues to stomp new players instead of show mercy by completing the objective. THAT is why it should stay.

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