Waiting for the patch

The only thing I’m doing playing right now is for a better M10 OPG and as I’ve seen “one” total in the last 3 days, I think I’ll just wait and see what happens with the patch.

And the one was weak.

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let yourself enjoy the game mate, seems like you are racing to the perfect endgame setup you have in mind. if you are playing for a single gun what are you gonna do once you get it, use it or a day two? a week?
i have more fun playing no mayhem with no annointed weapons then mayhem with a well thought out setup.

yeah patch is great and all but you can also create your own fun within the flawed game (which btw bl2 was to the point of vomiting yet people talk about it like it was perfect)


I’m also mostly waiting for the patch, but playing a little bit trying to get my first OPQ. Did a Cartel run at M10 today and got excited when I ran into two loot tinks, then killed them and remembered all their drops are non-Mayhem. Excitement - obliterated.


Exactly. lol

To an extent, I was doing what you suggest with a new character… thanks for the suggestion!

after the patch opq is no longer farmable.


I understand.


Found no reason to play since m2.0 launch…

We’ll be farming everything again with the next DLC anyways… And again with the last…

I knew I should have waited getting this game when it was actually finished and on a serious discount…


Unless part of the “Exciting stuff” Noelle hinted at in the last patch notes, is the inclusion of Cartel weapons in a loot pool somewhere. Long shot but we never know with GB they do like to spring surprises.
Who would have guessed the Eridians seized and stashed captured tech in a chest somewhere in the takedown . . . . . :wink:


Yep. I regret pre-ordering the game and spending 100 bucks for it. I should have done the same thing I did with BL2…I got it later in a huge sale with all added content for cheap. It has really made me realize that I just can’t buy any games anymore that haven’t been solidly reviewed.


Yeah… Last few years my trust in gaming companies has dwindled down to nothing…

At least on steam they warn you through early access… Now, we payed way too much and are still beta testing their ■■■■■■■■ :neutral_face:


games these day are total trap , they care the initial payment but definitely not u . i was super excite for bl3 but in the end they didnt learn the good thing about bl2 and proceed to make the game pointless to play , u know i always say loot event then immediately new level cap , i couldn’t even enjoy the loot for months lol



Hahahahahahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaa im fricken crying irl