Waiting is not a good mechanic

Ok gearbox. I’m a really big fan of your game and I played the living bajebuz out of BL2. In that game the only thing bugging me was the wait time in the cinematic sequences. I was sure it would not be an issue in the next game because it was so obvious and probably easy to fix a mechanic when all players in the game skipped, the cutscene would skip.

Please make a fix to be able to skip the cutscenes, the logos in the start and im sure all here agrees that waiting for a boss or anointed to not be invulnerable anymore is a really bad and annoying part of the game so raise their hp or something to make up for it.

Mabye a shield you have to run around instead or throw a grenade on instead of immortality status and “just wait until you an hurt me again”

I really love the game other than this and I think you make a great job in trying to improve the game. Have a nice day.