Waiting times multiplayer

I see my case has been closed with undermining me. I find this rude. Yes i did open two posts and i apologies i just didt want to be ignored as i am underpressured from my friends.

I am very disappointed and i see one person called Derch lying about waiting a few minutes for pvp. I spent most of my weekend waiting around. I am not the only one. I am not a person to complain but i am doing this because i care so much for this game and want it to continue to be a success and get noticed. If i be honest i never even noticed this game. I noticed it on Overwatchs ads waiting waiting for it to load on youtube. Thwt is ironic as the is my favourite game of all time.

Most of my friends have threatned me to leave battleborn for Overwatch i know these are not even the same type of game but they are just simply trying to move onto to games which arnt broken.

Dont shoot the messenger. I am a loyal battleborn player however if i get be-little again i will raise a complaint in Writing to the head office then of it continues i will take it further to the press. I am offended.

I appreciate its hard to satisfy the community and make the public happy but i am saying the real big issues here and notifying you on what and why they are leaving the game and soon the game will be a disaster. Just like what sims the release was at the start. Dobt follow their foot steps.
Please ressolve this issue before its too late. I have so far convenienced mu friends to keep playing battleborn. I love this game. I keep baosting how great tgis game is.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this and thank you for being patient with me

Warm regards

Mr Kentmen

It’s ‘rude’ to spam a forum with multiple threads on the same topic. No-one is ignoring the issue. Gearbox want their game to function for everyone, and I’m sure they are working on it.

It’s also ‘rude’ to call any other user a liar.

If, however, you feel that the moderators have acted unfairly, please read the forum rules, as they tell you what to do about that.

(And they do mention about when it’s appropriate to make a new topic, too. Go read them, please.)