Walkin Bomb (Gamma Burst) Fl4k Build

This is my Walkin Bomb Gamma Fl4k Build for LVL 65 M10. Any comments/feedback is welcome. In this video i go over gear/items that you will need and will give you best performance


Victory Rush
White Elephant
Commander Planetoid
Loaded Dice

These artifacts are the determining factors between Mobbing and Bossing. White Elephant and the facepuncher are for bossing (Gamma burst or Fade Away). Victory Rush, Loaded Dice and Commander Planetoid for mobbing.

Specific Weapon(s): Facepuncher (For Bossing/Mobbing)
Players Choice with the following anointment(s):
Gamma Burst 115% radiation damage
Action Skill Active
Action Skill End
Consecutive Hits
50/150 (while under 50% health deal 150% radiation damage)

Red Fang: While Gamma Burst Active, Pet Taunts All Enemies
Bounty Hunter

Players choice
(the ones ive been using are trans-fusions with health and shield damage replenishment abilities and chupas organs)

Front Loader
Plus Ultra (DLC 4 Shield)

The Front Loader is intended for Mobbing and can be used for bossing depending on the mechanic of the boss and damage output of said boss. Pair the Loaded Dice with the Front Loader to use the 50/150 anointment if the Front Loader doesnt proc it for you already.

The Transformer is the best overall option for maximun survivability

Skill Tree:

Master (Blue Tree):
Ferocity - 4/5
Persistence Hunter - 3/3
Frenzy - 5/5
Who Rescued Who - 3/5
Barbaric Yawp - 2/5

Stalker (Green Tree):
Furious Attack - 5/5
Overclocked - 5/5
Eager To Impress - 1/5 (Red Fang class mod can put more points into this skill)
Lick the Wounds - 1/1
Turn Tail and Run - 3/3
Hidden Machine - 2/5
The Fast and the Furryous - 3/3

Hunter (Red Tree):
Interplanetary Stalker - 5/5
Hunter’s Eye - 5/5
Head Count - 3/3
Ambush Predator - 2/5
Big Game - 3/3
The Most Dangerous Game - 3/3
Grim Harvest - 3/5
Galactic Shadow - 1/1
Megavore - 1/1

You are able to Boss with the Red Fang and Bounty Hunter with this build. Have fun. any questions or feedback is welcome. if i missed something or anything let me know and i’ll make the changes. you do not have to play with this exact build you may tweak it as you wish for your own play experience

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You seem to be a relatively new poster here, so welcome first and foremost!

Since you’ve posted builds for other characters as well, I thought I should tell you that it’s helpful to put at least some summary about what they build is and how it works in the thread. Otherwise leaving just a video makes this seem like self-promotion of YT channel rather than a discussion piece for the community.


To add to that: some of us don’t have the best Internet, so being able to read what the build entails is very useful.


Do post your build though - if the concept seems interesting, then I’ll watch the video.


I personally don’t watch video’s for character builds. I really prefer being able to read any part easy and even leave the page open to it for quick reference.

This is not a knock at all on you btw, anyone who takes time who does this should get major kudos, I just don’t enjoy video guides as a personal choice =)

i will continue to post my builds. all the builds i post and have posted are the builds i use/created and have fun with and the intention is fun. my goal isnt to overpower the AI so everyone will get a build from me that will be able to complete end game content and just overall have fun. thank you and everyone for the feedback. i’ll add details in the post for the people who do not watch build videos. the video will stay there though because thats the best way to understand and actually see performance of the build and the best way i can communicate the build. once again thanks for the feedback everyone . have a good day or night

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No prob - those are my favorite… looking forward to it.

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