Walking through Sentry Shields

I have noticed that while attempting to walk through or against the shields that the Sentries have on Incursion causes some “jumpiness” for the character. This makes running away/around the Sentry difficult at times.

Has anyone else noticed this? Shouldn’t the Sentry shield be a solid object that doesn’t feel bumpy?

In my perfect world, I’d like the shield to let the defensive team walk into it and not shoot through it so it could be used as a defensive structure and encourage people to be near the sentry.

I bet if you move a foot away from it you will be fine.

While I agree with you, there are times where I bump into it unintentionally which is the main issue. Obviously avoiding it is the ideal option when you have a choice.

If you want to experience the real problem, try jumping on top of the sentry (or onto the side of it, expecting to slide down safely to the side) it will be rocky.

I’m sure the geometry is approximated with a polygon, which is what you are seeing.