Walkthrough of all Campaign Missions solo (Advanced/Hardcore)

So I finished the campaign soloing every mission on Advanced/Hardcore (except the Prologue which you can’t change difficulty). I used a different character for each mission except Marquis who I used twice. Here’s the walkthrough I made if you would like tips on how to do it yourself or maybe you just want to check it out.

Prologue - Mellka
The Algorithm - Oscar Mike (Silver Medal - Score: 71,515)
The Void’s Edge - Miko (Silver Medal - Score: 85,930)
The Renegade - Rath (Bronze - Score: 58,213) *Silver not possible as solo player
The Archive - Orendi (Bronze Medal - Score: 36,338) *Explained in video where to grind enemies to get higher medals)
The Sentinel - Marquis (Silver Medal - Score: 62,844)
The Experiment - Marquis (Silver Medal - Score: 62,333)
The Saboteur - Caldarius (Gold Medal - Score: 68,900)
The Heliophage - Thorn (Gold Medal - Score: 136,788)

Edit: Added medals and scores achieved

It doesn’t seem terribly accurate to call this a 100% walkthrough when you’re going in semi-blind and you admit to not knowing how scoring works. A basic completion walkthrough, sure. What I would expect from a “100%” walkthrough would at least be a guide on how to reliably achieve a silver rating or better on every stage seeing as how that’s something you have to do to unlock Kleese (Normal) and Ghalt (Advanced) before reaching command rank 36/40.

I checked your video for The Archive and saw you only get a bronze. The way scoring works is notoriously bad for The Archive right now, which made it really easy to verify whether or not you’ve provided a proper guide. What you have here is a “let’s play”, not a “100% walkthrough.” If you actually provided a guide for reliably getting silver on all missions, then I would be very interested, and that would be really useful for a lot of people. I’m not interested in a “let’s play” right now, and I think you should use less misleading branding for your videos.

It’s still a walkthrough. As in walking through the mission so that you know what to expect in them. :open_mouth:

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I’m not sure what you consider “semi-blind” but I would be very impressed if you can find anyone soloing these missions on advanced/hardcore without putting in a lot of attempts (except a few of the missions). This certainly isn’t a “Let’s Play” by my definition of the term, I made these videos to give people tips on how to get through these missions on advanced/hardcore and I challenge anyone to beat my scores by significant margins. There’s a big difference in not knowing how the scoring system works and possibly not understanding tiny minutia about the system. It turns out I did in fact know all of the details about the system and it was simply set up to where a solo player can’t get above a certain score threshold.

I call it a 100% Walkthrough because I make my walkthroughs with the intention of getting everything (all trophies, etc), not just finish the game. That is still in progress obviously. However, I did more or less provide you with what you’re looking for:

The Algorithm - Silver
The Void’s Edge - Silver
The Renegade - Bronze (unable to get silver as a solo player)
The Archive - Bronze (I explain in the video how to get your score as high as you want)
The Sentinel - Silver
The Experiment - Silver
The Saboteur - Gold
The Heliophage - Gold

I’ll update my first post to show that info too, thanks for the feedback. I’d hate for someone to overlook my walkthrough for the same reasons you just stated so I appreciate you letting me know rather than simply moving on.

Edits: Rewrote twice because it’s late and words are hard

Okay, maybe I jumped to a few conclusions. A lot of my thoughts had to do with your first video. It’s hard not to judge by first impressions.

In the first video of your walkthrough, you state almost immediately after the opening that you are unfamiliar with what uses for shards there are through the level. That means you weren’t experienced with the prologue while recording your walkthrough for it. You were also unfamiliar with the Jennerit chest appearances, with score and helix pickups, and you didn’t know what a thrall teleport anchor (I don’t remember the exact name) was. That’s why I thought your playthrough in general was semi-blind. Blind in this case meaning not knowing major mechanics or story elements about the game ahead of time.

In the second video, you don’t yet understand what credits do for you and voice an erroneous assumption that you can buy credits via a microtransaction. That adds to the “semi-blind” impression.

You (or at least your early videos) could also benefit from giving a lot more tips as well, such as advising saving those red shard canisters for combat for easy kills/damage, saving chests for mid-fight power ups, explaining your overall strategy behind your helix choices, explaining boss mechanics (henchman, I’m looking at you), explain what segments change across multiple playthroughs so players aren’t confused when they encounter something different from what you show, and so on. Pointing out those things, even when they seem obvious, isn’t patronizing when people are coming to you for a guide. Eventually someone is going to rely on your guide and won’t understand these things purely through seeing you do them.

Also, I don’t think it was unreasonable of me to assume this was a completed series since your playlist included all 9 stages, no other videos yet, and you waiting specifically until you had a video of each story stage before advertising your playlist.

Fair points, although I would be hesitant to say that I need to know the game’s mechanics completely in and out to start off a series. I’m of the opinion that as long as I can provide tips to complete a certain section of the game without any undue struggle then that’s acceptable. For example, you don’t need to build anything on the prologue to easily complete it, but on levels where it is important I make it very clear that someone should save up their crystals because they’re going to need to build turrets and traps and I show which ones I prefer to use.

As for providing more tips and explanations I think you make a good point. It’s much more difficult then it looks to both play and keep an intelligent dialogue up at the same time. Definitely something I could improve on.